Most of my Joburg-themed posts are about eating, hiking, and sight-seeing (with some news and sports mixed in). Those are the topics that fit within my comfort zone.

But with the exception of some posts about African folk art and groceries, I’ve written almost nothing about shopping. There are a few reasons why: 1) I’m not a good shopper; 2) Joe, my tour guide and chauffeur, hates shopping; 3) I don’t really want to accumulate stuff; and 4) I’m broke.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon with a new friend who is great at shopping. I’m not sure if she wants to be mentioned or not so she’ll remain nameless for now. But she knows the best places to shop and makes shopping fun.

Liebermann Pottery was one of our stops. Liebermann’s is a pottery wonderland — a massive warehouse built on the site of an old gas works, stacked floor to ceiling with handmade tableware and garden pots.

Cups. I didn’t have my good camera with me, which is a shame because I could’ve gone crazy in this place.

Liebermann Pottery was founded by Sammy Liebermann in 1952, but is now run by Sammy’s nephew, Adriaan Turgel (a.k.a. the Pottery Detective). When he’s not in Joburg, Adriaan is traveling around the Far East looking for unique pottery to sell at Liebermann’s. But most of Liebermann’s pottery is made in South Africa and shockingly affordable considering how cool it is.

I hadn’t planned to purchase anything on this shopping trip. But Joe and I own only four bowls, which can be inconvenient in a house with no dishwasher. I purchased two pasta bowls for R70 ($10) each. My friend bought some delicate white espresso cups and a striking blue-back serving platter.

Behold my new bowl. It’s partner looks much the same, although every Liebermann’s piece is unique.

Bags in hand, we wandered into the yard to look at the outdoor stuff. We soon realized weren’t the only ones browsing the planters and flower pots.

I believe this is one of the finest wildlife shots I’ve ever taken. I don’t know who he is or how he got there.

I used to buy a lot more stuff back when I was a DC suburbanite. Now that I don’t have much money to spend and don’t shop as often, I think I get a lot more enjoyment out of the things I do buy.

Liebermann Pottery is in Aukland Park, just a couple of miles from Melville. If you’re in Joburg and in need of dishes or garden pots, I can’t see a reason to go anywhere else.

More shopping posts to come.

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