Yesterday I went to the roof of the Sandton City Office Tower to take photos for the SandtonPlaces book. Those of you familiar with Joburg know the building I’m talking about — the office block in the middle of Sandton City mall with the pyramid-shaped cap on top.

Sandton City cap

This is what the cap looks like from underneath. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of the building from below, but they are easy to find on Google. The Sandton City Office Tower has 21 floors labeled in the elevator, but is actually a few storeys taller than that.

I was really lucky to get the opportunity to go to the top of this building. The roof is undeveloped and not open to the public. The view is — of course — amazing.

John on roof

John, one of the security guards in charge of the Sandton City roof, looks out over Joburg to the southeast. I had to beg John and Brian, the manager from Liberty Properties who organized the visit, to let me climb down onto the scaffolding below where John is standing. They finally relented. 

Jozi skyline

Looking due south toward the Joburg city centre. The top level of the Sandton City parking garage is in the foreground. Climbing down onto the scaffolding paid off — it was the only way I could get a wide shot without the orange scaffolding poles in the frame.


The Michelangelo Hotel, to the northwest of Sandton City. We got up there just as a rainstorm was ending.

Michelangelo Instagram

Instagram of the Michelangelo.

Sandton sign

Giant Sandton sign.

Liberty Properties owns much of the real estate in Sandton City and they are embarking on a major revamp of the area, which will include Nelson Mandela Square. Hopefully they decide to build a restaurant on this rooftop. As I’ve lamented before, this city needs more public rooftops to showcase its beautiful skyline.

In the meantime, I’m sure I’ll keep weaseling my way into places like this. Thanks to Brian and Gerald from JoburgPlaces for indulging me last night.

Skyline from Sandton

Jozi, from 24 storeys above Sandton.

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