Dear fans of the Melville Cat,

I know that you have been waiting to hear from me, eager to learn how I’m faring in the ordeal I explained to you in my previous post. I apologize for the silence but I’ve had many matters to attend to that are more important than blogging. I’m busy establishing my new domain.


I will explain this photo in my next post. Until then, I’ll let you formulate your own theories.

Also, I don’t have much time to write because Heather, my typing assistant, is leaving today for a place called Mauritius. How rude. Why she would want to leave my magical new domain so soon is beyond me.

But all is not lost. I plan to take advantage of Heather’s absence, cementing my domain and training Ray, my second assistant, to properly meet my needs. He has much to learn.

I will also engage in tree-climbing practice.


My climbing prowess is strong but I need to hone my technique.

Fear not, fans. All is well. Until next time.

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