A Fiery Swazi Weekend

Before this past weekend, the last music festival I attended was the legendary HFStival — sometime around the turn of the millennium …

After the Fire

I’ve just returned from a weekend in Swaziland, my second-favorite African country. The main reason for my trip was Bushfire …

I Went Crafty in Swaziland

I’ve never been a big shopper, and my inclination to shop has dropped even lower since I left the United …

Part 2 of 4: Trying to Stay Dry in Swaziland

I was ambitious in thinking I could tell this story in three parts. I’m expanding it to four.

Our stay in Swaziland began peacefully. We crossed the border at Bulembu, a tiny town northeast of the busier border crossing at Oshoek. Rather than jostling around in long lines and dealing with surly immigration officials, we sauntered into a one-room building and chatted with the three women behind the counter. They crochet lace to pass the time – I bought a piece for R100. They stamped our passports with a smile (no paperwork required) and we were off.


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