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A Quick Jaunt to Abu Dhabi

In my last post I told you about my whirlwind trip to the United Arab Emirates. I stayed in Dubai for four nights, courtesy of Qualcomm, and spent a few days exploring the area without a smartphone to support the #WorldWithoutSnapdragon/#WorldWithoutSmartphones campaign. (Read more about the campaign here.) We spent half a day in Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. We mainly went to Abu Dhabi to see the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in the UAE, but we had a couple of other adventures along the way. Our voyage to Abu Dhabi, which is […]

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At Long Last, High Tea at the Four Seasons

Joburgers love high tea. I know this because the last high tea post I wrote, High Tea in Jozi, is one of my most popular blog posts of all time. I wrote that post back in October 2013, when the legendary Westcliff Hotel was closed for renovations. Up until that point the Westcliff had been the go-to high tea venue for Joburg’s ladies who lunch, and I figured my readers would appreciate a post about some of the other high tea options around the city. I figured right. I never had the opportunity to have high tea at the old Westcliff before […]

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Pop-Up Burgers, Revisited

In August 2013 I stumbled upon a tiny pop-up burger joint on an unlikely street corner in downtown Johannesburg. The burger joint, BGR, was selling tasty burgers for the unlikely price of R10 (less than $1) or R27 for a burger/fries/drink combo. I wrote a blog post about it (read that post here). I never made it back to the BGR downtown pop-up; I’m not even sure how long it stayed there. But BGR came up in conversation every now and again after that. I learned at some point that BGR is owned by a couple of American guys named Josh and Jed, and […]

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Some New Discoveries in Chinatown

Last weekend I discovered a couple of new places in Cyrildene, Johannesburg’s “new” Chinatown. (Cyrildene is in Joburg’s eastern suburbs. The “old” Chinatown in downtown Joburg still exists, but most of the Chinese businesses moved to Cyrildene over the last two decades. Read more on old Chinatown vs. new Chinatown.) Shun De, a well known dim sum restaurant in Cyrildene (not one of the new places that I discovered last weekend).  Actually, I didn’t really discover these places (they were brought to my attention) and the places aren’t really new (just new to me). But you know what I mean. Cyrildene can […]

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Zionist church2

An “Off the Beaten Path” Guide to Joburg

Pictured above: A church service in Alexandra Township. A couple of months ago I posted about the “Three Days in Johannesburg” travel guide that I wrote for TripAdvisor. I also wrote a “Johannesburg Off the Beaten Path” guide, which I’m going to summarize for you here. (Check out my full Off the Beaten Path guide on TripAdvisor, which includes longer descriptions and tips for each location.) Writing a guide to off-the-beaten-path spots in Joburg was interesting because in many respects this entire city is off the beaten path. (By the way, I hate that cliché.) In reality it’s the opposite: Joburg is the transportation […]

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Learning to Cook, Faldela’s Way

My #HelloWeekend trip to Cape Town was nearly a month ago and I’m woefully behind in writing about it. But I can’t let any more time pass before telling you about my Cape Malay cooking class in the Bo-Kaap. Before I moved to Joburg five years ago, I googled South African food. I knew nothing about South African cuisine (in fact I knew nothing about South Africa) and was curious to learn about the regional specialties in the country I was moving to. “Cape Malay” was the first thing that popped up. At the time, the descriptions I found of Cape Malay cuisine — […]

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Three Awesome New Places to Hang Out in Melville

Have you been to Melville lately? I spent a few hours exploring my home suburb yesterday, something I haven’t done in a while, and I can barely contain my excitement over all of the cool places that are opening up. Here are my top three: 1) 27Boxes (4th Avenue and 6th Street) 27Boxes, a shopping centre built with recycled shipping containers, is officially open although most of the shops are still under construction. I had a look around 27Boxes for the first time — several stores and cafés are already doing business — and was pleasantly surprised by how cool it is. I don’t […]

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Table Mountain edge

#HelloWeekend: 48 Hours in Cape Town

As most South Africans know, there is an ongoing competition between between Cape Town and Johannesburg. Capetonians believe their city is the best place to live and would never live anywhere else. Joburgers believe the same. This my-city-is-better-than-your-city debate (i.e. trash-talking) gets heated at times. Joburg is my adopted home and I’m firmly in the Joburg corner. But like everyone else in Joburg, I can’t ignore the obvious: Cape Town is a fantastic place for a holiday. Cape Town is beautiful. This photo was shot from the Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock. So when I was invited to spend a weekend […]

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Four Seasons night

Joburg’s Coolest Luxury Hotel (and it’s not in Sandton)

Last week, in another stroke of blogging magic, I spent a night at the Four Seasons Westcliff. (The hotel’s official name is Four Seasons Hotel the Westcliff Johannesburg. That name is a bit verbose, in my opinion, so I’ll call it the Four Seasons Westcliff. No offense, Four Seasons peeps — I just like to be concise.) The Four Seasons Westcliff, formerly called the Westcliff Hotel, is less than two miles from my house in Melville. The old Westcliff Hotel was known for its afternoon tea, and I’d always meant to go but somehow never did — I was always short of cash […]

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Park Cafe coffee

Breakfast in the Jozi ‘Burbs: My Top Five Picks

I’ve been meaning to write a breakfast installment of my Jozi Top Five series forever. It’s a tricky one though because there are so many restaurants to choose from. Breakfast is big here and a huge percentage of Joburg restaurants open for breakfast. (On the flip side, a large percentage of Joburg restaurants are closed for dinner.) I don’t make it out for breakfast very often, as I’m hungry in the morning and usually too impatient to leave the house, go to a restaurant, place my order, and then wait for the food to be served. And when I do commit to going out for breakfast it’s usually […]

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Istanbul lunch

Where to Eat Cheap, Delicious Turkish Food in Joburg

There are two Turkish restaurants in Joburg, located close to one another in the adjacent ethnic food hubs of Fordsburg and Mayfair. I’ve written about both restaurants on (see here and here) but never on my blog. So I thought I’d bust out a quick post about them. If you’re craving Turkish this weekend, here’s where to go.

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Grootbos lamb burger

I Ate South Africa

Seriously. I ate it all. I’ve been all over South Africa this month — four provinces, seven cities/towns (I think), and more hotels and restaurants than I can count. I did a lot of stuff. But mostly I ate. First I spent three days at the Grootbos Nature Reserve, and in those three days alone I ate more spectacular gourmet food than I’d eaten the entire year before that. Immediately after the Grootbos trip I participated in a weeklong #MeetSouthAfrica journey in which we literally ate our way across the country. It will take me a while to tell all the stories. In the […]

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