Today I sold my car to a lovely young woman who saw the ad I posted on craigslist. It was a relatively painless, even pleasant, transaction. Unloading the car was the biggest hurdle I had left and I’m relieved to have crossed it.

But I feel a bit strange. I’m not a “car person” — my identity isn’t wrapped up in the vehicle I drive. In fact I hate driving and have always dreamed of a car-free existence. But this is the first time I haven’t owned a car since I got my driver’s license 20 years ago. And deep down, I loved and respected my 10-year-old silver Mazda sedan. It had power seats and a sunroof! So I guess I’m a little sad.

Also, I own almost nothing now. No house, no car, no furniture, no books (or very few). No cookware. No TV. No garden tools. No tchotchkes.

Here’s what I own. Clothes, shoes, jewelry. Laptop, camera, iPod, cell phone (to be turned off next week). Photos. A drawing of my favorite baseball player, Eddie Murray, which I drew when I was nine. (I mailed it to him and asked him to sign it and send it back to me, which he did! It’s very special. I had it laminated yesterday.) Boxing gloves. (I like to box.) Three suitcases. Assorted bags/purses. Toiletries.

It’s a great feeling, actually. I’ve boiled my existence down to the bare essentials. I don’t have extra stuff to weigh me down or to hide behind. I’m just me.

Last week of work starts tomorrow! Eleven days until take-off.

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