This blog was supposed to be about cricket. Joe is covering a test match between South Africa and India today, and I had planned to go with him as I’ve never seen cricket before. But instead, I am sitting at home and Joe is sitting at the stadium, not photographing cricket. Because it’s raining.

Rain in the front yard.

Over the last ten days I have witnessed rain in every imaginable form. Rain showers, rain storms, rain-bows. Cold rain. Warm rain. Sheets of torrential rain. Gentle, steady rain. Light drizzle. Thunder (both the quiet, rumbling variety and the spectacular crackling variety). Bolts of lightning. Hail.

Rain in the back yard.

I never knew it could rain so much. At first it was pleasant but I’m ready for it to stop now. And from what I’ve heard, this isn’t a normal weather pattern for Johannesburg in summer. We’re supposed to have bright, warm days with a quick thundershower at 4:00 in the afternoon. You can set your watch by it, everyone says.

Well, my watch has been stuck on cold and rainy for over a week.

The herbs are drowning. It might be time to build an ark.

Update since I started this blog: The rain has stopped and the sun is trying to shine. Scattered showers are still predicted for the afternoon but tomorrow is supposed to be sunny.

Behold: Sunlight shining on bay leaves.

If you’re yearning for a cricket blog, don’t despair. Cricket test matches can last up to five days. (Yes, you read correctly.) So you might be in luck tomorrow.

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