Melville is full of interesting houses, lived in by interesting people. I’m slowly integrating myself into the neighborhood but I haven’t had the chance to visit many other Melville homes yet. So when Chris Green, a tour operator who lives around the corner, invited us over to see his backyard jungle, I jumped at the chance.

A sea of mint-scented flowers in Chris’ garden.

The defining feature of most houses in Melville is their gardens. And because of all the heavy rain we’ve had the gardens are growing like mad.

Similar to our house, Chris’ house has so many trees and shrubs growing around it that you can barely see the house itself.

Chris’ one-year-old grandson. He’s a small person but the enormity of the vegetation makes him look even smaller.

The garden was filled with interesting artifacts like this buffalo skull. Apparently Chris, who is an experienced wilderness trails guide among many other things, had an altercation with the buffalo that eventually led to the buffalo’s demise. I’m not sure of the details but I thought the skull made a nice picture.

Chris’ property also includes a one-room B&B. It’s pretty amazing — I would like to live there myself if I didn’t have my own awesome Melville house. If you’re looking for a place to stay in Melville, let me know and I’ll give you the details.

I’ll pass along more Melville garden photos as I discover them.

Quick post-script: In addition to riotous garden plants, Melville summer rains also bring large, scary insects.

This cockroach has been hanging out in our bathroom since last night. I won’t be showering until he departs. Photo courtesy of Joe: I’m too scared to get close enough to take a good pic.

Joe convinced me to stand in the shower to provide context. It was against my better judgement but I did it for the sake of the blog.

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