Cricket Continued

by | Jan 16, 2011 | Arts and Culture, Johannesburg, Sports | 2 comments

Last night I attended another cricket match — a one-day match between South Africa and India at the historic Wanderers Stadium in Joburg. Unlike the test match I attended a few weeks ago, which lasted for five days, this one began at 2:30 in the afternoon and ended around 10:00.

The final score says it all: India 190, South Africa 189.

This photo was taken when it looked like South Africa would win. In the end, the home team came up one painful run short.

I don’t have time to write much about the match so I’ll just share a few photos.

A crazy group of dancers advertising for MTN mobile network. They performed this dance just for me, but at the end I had to inform them that I’m sticking with Vodacom.

Mini donuts, half chocolate and half caramel. They are a very popular stadium snack. I thought they were so-s0. (That lukewarm opinion didn’t stop me from inhaling them all in about five seconds.)

A family of India fans. We may be in South Africa, but the crowd was split about evenly between the two teams. Cricket is HUGE in India.

This is what a stadium looks like after eight hours of cricket.


  1. eremophila

    Not being a cricket follower, I always think the one day matches a much more sensible way to deal with cricket boredom:-) Nice pics telling the visual story….especially the mess left afterwards.

  2. Fidel Hart

    It’s not soccer but it looks just as fun 🙂
    Cool photographs!


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