For the next couple of weeks I’ll be holed up in an office in Joburg’s northern suburbs, pursuing professional goals that do not involve blogging. And I was just hitting my blogging stride! But hey, one must eat.

I’ll still be moonlighting as a blogger during this period. I’ve got a post or two in reserve and my weekends are still free. And if I come across anything interesting to write about in Bryanston I’ll let you know. (Bryanston is to Joburg what Potomac is to Washington D.C.). Probably not though, as I’ll be spending 99% of my time in an airless conference room.

A silly photo of my departure this morning. I consider this to be my first legitimate bike commute, as I was going to an actual appointment and not just cruising to the gym or the grocery store. I looked ridiculous and my backpack was stupidly heavy. I received several honks from impatient rush-hour drivers (chill out, people) and arrived at my destination a hot sweaty mess. (I rode to the posh Crowne Plaza in Rosebank, where I deposited my bike in the hotel’s luggage holding room and caught a ride from there to Bryanston with some colleagues. It was hilarious.) Photo courtesy of Joe.

Until next time.

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