Jozi’s Sparkling Night Sky

by | Mar 26, 2011 | Johannesburg, Johannesburg City Centre | 9 comments

Ansteys Building is a South African national monument — an 80-year-old art deco skyscraper in downtown Joburg at the corner of Joubert and Jeppe Streets. The building is mid-refurbishment and in what would be called a “transitional” neighborhood in the U.S. Extremely transitional.

Joe and I had dinner with our friend Jeroen last night. Jeroen asked if we wanted to go to a party in a penthouse apartment at Anstey’s. I was tired and not that into the idea at first (my bed-time is normally 9:30), but Joe and Jeroen convinced me. I’m glad they did.

Spectacular view from the roof of the Ansteys. Scroll about halfway down this page to see a photo of the building from the outside.

The party was on the 16th floor, but we also visited an apartment on the 12th floor and climbed up to the roof, where we had to dodge clothes lines to check out the views.

The lobby of the Ansteys. It has crazy tiles and brass monkeys.

Close-up of the monkey.

Balcony on the 16th floor.

It felt like being in New York City, only the buildings weren’t quite as tall and it was quiet — no honking. There’s very little traffic in this part of town at night.

From the roof. The brightly-lit blue building is in Braamfontein and used to belong to South African Airways. Not sure what it is now.

Thanks to Jo (who runs a cool tour company called Past Experiences) and her friends for organizing this party and showing us a new perspective on Jozi.


  1. Gary de Beer

    Nice one.

    Was fortunate enough myself to join the Joburg Photowalkers there for sundowners one walk. Great experience and fantastic views.

    I love the quality of the old finishings and the effort they used to put into building stuff back then. If Jozi was a city like New York I would totally see myself in an apartment like those.

  2. Francis

    Interesting pictures. I like the brass monkey design, cool look.

    • 2summers

      Thanks Francis, glad to see you back 🙂

  3. Tilly Bud

    I don’t recall this building. I missed so much while I was living and working there!

    Love the lobby.

  4. @injoburg

    Very nice pics – must get a better camera too. That brightly lit building is actually the MTN building near Ghandi square in CBD (with the Calrton to the left of it), to the south of Anstey’s, Braamfontein is to the north 🙂
    Intriguing detail in that same photo: why is there a light on on the top floor of the abandoned and empty Carlton Hotel, just to the right of the Carlton Tower? Did they leave a hotel room light on when the place was mothballed in 1997? So much for Earth Hour, eh.

  5. Kathryn McCullough

    What an incredible view! My gosh! Glad you went to that party too! (Sadly, my bedtime is around 9:30, also–we lead such an exciting life!)

  6. eremophila

    I love the art deco era, style and grace epitomised.


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