As most of you know, there is a recurring character in my blog named Joe. Joe (not his real name) is my boyfriend and blogging partner, and for the last 10 months he has chosen to remain anonymous.

Joe is a photographer and has taught me most of what I know about taking pictures. (The rest I learned from my dad, who is also a photographer.) Joe’s pictures appear frequently in my blog and he also does all of my PhotoShopping. The PhotoShopping is no small task, as I publish a lot of pictures and my raw images frequently need lots of help.

Joe also provides me with blog post ideas, shuttles me around town (and around Africa) to pursue them, and proofreads my posts before they’re published. 2Summers wouldn’t exist without Joe.

Joe hides behind a camera lens.

Until now, 2Summers readers have known Joe only as a blurred-out face. He was even nicknamed “The Blur” by a blog-reading friend of mine.

I’m not sure why, but this morning Joe announced that he is ready to go public. Maybe because he’s tired of PhotoShopping his face out of my pictures.

So, here’s Joe.

Are you ready?

Photographer Joe.

Even though Joe is not Joe’s real name, we’ve decided to continue calling him that for the sake of consistency. But if you’d like to learn about the real Joe and his photography, please check out his website. (I know this is a shameless plug but Joe deserves it.)

Two housekeeping notes:

1) I finally joined the modern world and created a 2Summers Facebook page. Please take a look and become a 2Summers fan. You can do this by going to the Facebook page and clicking the “Like” button at the top. This will enable you to receive 2Summers updates in your Facebook newsfeed. You will probably become really sick of me. But please do it anyway and ignore my updates if you must. I like to be liked.

2) I’ve also created a new domain for my blog — ( is not available, even though there is nothing on that page except a advertisement. Boo.) I had no specific reason for doing this, other than the fact that it only cost $17 and I’m tired of writing out “” every time someone asks me for my blog. I think it’s pretty cool though!

Since I’m all about self-promotion now, I’m going to make this my new logo. Summer=Sun. Get it?

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