My friend Michelle was in town today on a nine-hour layover, and I took her on a whirlwind sight-seeing tour of Joburg. On our way to the Neighbourgoods Market in Braamfontein we came across a Volkswagen Beetle parked on Juta Street. The car was covered in vintage clothes.

Lungi’s mobile vintage shop.

The car belongs to a young woman named Lungi, and her husband, Allah. Lungi (who seems to be the main spokesperson for the business) said they wanted to open a stall inside the market but the costs are too high. So they decided to set up shop on the street.

Lungi and Allah set up their Vintage Volkswagen. The interior of the car holds additional stock and also doubles as a dressing room.

Today was Lungi and Allah’s first day selling on Juta Street. Lungi said they get much of their merchandise from old age homes in the area.  I’m no fashion expert, but I received a bit of training a few weeks ago on my shopping trip to Junkie. And to my eye, Lungi’s clothes look pretty freaking cool. Lungi and Allah themselves are also charmingly hip, yet unpretentious.

They sell shoes, too.

Lungi and Allah were just getting set up when Michelle and I first walked past. We came back about 40 minutes later and the Volkswagen was surrounded by trendy Braamfontein hipsters.

Can you see the car under there?

Lungi chats up her clientele.

People like Lungi and Allah make Joburg great. I admire their enterprising spirit. And I must say that I think their merchandise looks much more interesting than what I saw for sale inside the market.

Check out the Volkswagen on Juta Street next Saturday. Lungi and Allah also sells their clothes at Market on Main on Sundays.

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