First in a two-part series. Read Part 2.

Yesterday there was a tournament at the Hillbrow Boxing Club. It was my first time watching a live boxing competition. Young kids competed, as well as youth and adults. There were eight three-round bouts. Seven of the fights were male fights and one was a female fight.

One of Saturday’s youngest competitors.

I have lots to say about this tournament, and lots of photos to show. Too much for a single post. Today I’ll take you on a visual journey of the Hillbrow tournament, and tomorrow I’ll get into the meat of the story.

The journey begins:

Sandile, the most photogenic boxer at the Hillbrow Boxing Club, hangs around the ring before the tournament. Sandile didn’t fight yesterday.

Spectators line up along the fence outside the gym, with the Hillbrow Tower looming behind.


Here we go…

Boxing in the shadow of Ponte City.

They may be young, but trust me, these kids don’t mess around. 

Pep talk. This boy, whose name is Thabang, ultimately won his fight.

This photo says a lot about winning and losing.

Time for the older guys.

I love the geometry of the boxing ring. It provides interesting angles for photography.

“Jeppa!” (That means “jab”.)

Anita “Six Arms” Powell prepares for her fight. I’ll tell you more about Anita in the next post.

To be continued.

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