I’ve done several wacky and wonderful things around Joburg this weekend, but I’m short on blogging time. Another quick post-and-run will have to suffice for now.

Early morning on the Melville Koppies.

I took this photo early in the morning on the central section of the Melville Koppies, which is closed to the public except on special open days. (The eastern and western sections of the Koppies are open seven days a week.) This past Saturday morning was an “Artists’ Day” on Koppies Central — creative types were invited to come and wander around, take photos, or paint the scenery. Dramatic clouds provided the perfect artistic backdrop.

I live closest to Koppies East, which is where most of my Koppies photos come from. So it was fun to check things out from a different angle yesterday. Rather than shooting toward the Jozi skyline to the south, as I normally do, I shot toward the north. If you squint a bit, you’ll see the buildings of Rosebank in the center of the skyline, and Sandton City off to the left. The Magaliesburg Mountains are way in the distance, further to the left.

If you’d like to visit Koppies Central on an open day, check out the Koppies calendar of events.

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