From the Melville Cat:

This afternoon I was sitting on the roof of the Lucky 5 Star, as I often do.

This is me, Smokey, on the roof.

(Side note: I currently have a broken tail. I’m not sure how it happened. The tail is sore and prevents me from sitting comfortably, but it doesn’t prevent me from climbing a tree and jumping onto the roof. I am the Melville Cat, after all. I have thus far managed to elude Heather during the hours when that awful place called “the vet” is open, because I can tell that she wants to take me there. She says that my tail will probably get better on its own, anyway.)

As I relaxed in the sun on the roof and looked out over my Melville kingdom, I thought to myself that this is not a bad place to be, even in winter. It’s certainly cold inside the house, and especially at night, as Heather already told you. But the days are warm and sunny and there are lots of pretty things growing everywhere.

So I commanded Heather to come outside and take some photos of the winter flowers at the Lucky 5 Star. I think you will like them. (Meanwhile, I stayed on the roof where Heather could not reach me. I am so clever.)

Arum lilies bloom year-round at the Lucky 5 Star.


I believe Heather already told you this, but magnolia trees are in full bloom all over Melville. Strange, I know. They will bloom again in summer.

Lemon trees are full at this time of year. They are not really flowers, but just as pretty. I don’t like to climb the lemon tree though — the thorns hurt my paws.

Aloe blooms, in silhouette. These are Heather’s favorite winter flowers.

So you see, winter in Joburg is not really that bad. Especially when you’re a cat and have several human families to feed you and keep you warm.

Please wish my tail a speedy recovery. Thank you.

Oh, and here is a pretty picture of the sunset last night. I know Heather wishes she could climb up on the roof with me to see the sunset. I have a much better view from up here. Heather can only glimpse a piece of it through the trees. Poor human.

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