George 6:06PM: Hi champ if can bring a camera we need to shoot ritas kit.

Me 6:07PM: Okay coach no problem.

 Rita Mrwebi and her coach, George Khosi, model their new “kit”. George has been training Rita since she was nine years old. She is now the South African women’s welterweight boxing champion.

Don’t be deceived by the baby face and the barely-five-foot frame. This woman kicks ass. She has overcome incredible adversity in her life to become one of the best female boxers in South Africa. She deserves a uniform befitting her station, and now she has one.

The Hillbrow skyline represents.

George’s crew. Or I guess I should say “Geoge’s” crew. See sign at left. This sign has been repainted three times since I’ve known George. The spelling of his name never changes. 

George, Rita, and the Hillbrow Boxing Club are putting Hillbrow on the map. And they’re wearing pink. I’m very proud to be associated with them.

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