I’m in the Eastern Cape at the moment. The Eastern Cape is one of my favorite South African provinces; the people are friendly, the pace is slow, and the scenery is beautiful in a non-dramatic kind of way. It’s seriously cold though, especially in the evening. There’s frost on my car windshield in the morning, and the mountains are capped with snow. (By the way, ice-scrapers don’t exist here so forget about scraping the windshield. You just turn your car on and wait for the frost to melt.)

I spent most of the last two days visiting rural villages in the Queenstown area, about two hours inland from East London. I’ll probably have more say about what I’m doing later, but for now here are a few photos that I shot along the way.

A man and his pipe.

The Eastern Cape is known for its colorfully painted rondavels. Check out the snow on the hills above.

Kids going home from school in a village called Hackney.

Two guys and another colorful house.

Dog in a doorway.

Cooking up some traditional African beer.

This puppy’s name is Madam.

Presbyterian Church of Africa.

Can you tell I like the colorful houses?

I thought I’d include one colorless photo, of the cutest kitten in the Eastern Cape.

That’s all for now. Time to turn up the electric blanket and burrow in for the night at my cute Queenstown B&B.

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