Remember three days ago, when I was sitting on the porch in my pajamas at 7:30 a.m.? Those days are gone.

SNOW. Like, real snow. In South Africa.

As the South Africans say, “Sho!” (Roughly meaning, “Wow!”)

A cold front blew in two days ago and brought snow. More snow than the Johannesburg area has seen in many years. The snow actually stuck to the ground and to the south-facing sides of tree trunks. It was fun and rather surreal to watch everyone getting excited and taking cell phone pics of the flying flakes. (Including me. I took the photos above while driving, which was probably unwise.)

I’m in between trips at the moment. Yesterday I got back from the Free State, the province neighboring Gauteng to the south. It was freezing there too.

Tomorrow I am off to Limpopo province for the Oppikoppi music festival, where I’ve been told to prepare for dozens of awesome musical performances, huge clouds of dust, extreme temperatures, and excessive drunkenness. It should be quite a weekend.

That’s all I have time for right now. As the South Africans say, “Speak soon.”

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