A couple of weeks ago I had brunch at Anita and Johnson’s house. There were many quality Instagram photo-ops at this brunch, and it was such a classic Melville Sunday. I decided it was worthy of a blog post.

All photos shot with Instagram, of course.

Anita and Johnson’s newest home furnishing — a sofa-sized antique stereo — topped with a silhouette of the Jozi skyline. I’m sure someone told me how old the stereo is, but I’ve forgotten.

Closeup of the stereo console.

Time to eat.

Shakshuka: A North African/Middle Eastern dish made with eggs, tomatoes, and various delicious flavorings. 

This is called a syllabub trifle, a traditional English dessert made with cream, fruit, and wine. I had never heard of it before. It was almost too pretty to eat. (I said “almost”. I did eat it. Lots of it.)

Coffee brewing in a retro Cona vacuum coffee maker. What a contraption this is. The brewing process is a sight to behold.

And then I was full.

Post-brunch view of lower Melville and the Melville Koppies.

I am really lucky to have friends — within walking distance, no less — who feed and entertain me like this. Another reason to love living in Melville.

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