The Melville Cat: My Favorite Places

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From the Melville Cat:

I never stay in one place for long. I like to be in control of my domain and keep my humans on their toes. I also get bored easily. Therefore I am always moving, always looking for new and interesting places to sit and do nothing.

Heather has a habit of tracking down my places and photographing me in them. I find this annoying, but I must admit that I enjoy reviewing the photos of me on Heather’s iPad. I’m sure that you, my loyal fans, will enjoy looking at them too.

Those of you who follow 2Summers on Facebook and Instagram may have seen some of these pictures already. But I’m sure you won’t mind seeing them again. No one can get enough of the Melville Cat.

All photos taken with Instagram.


Early in the morning, while waiting to lick Heather’s cereal bowl, I sit in the square of sun and shadows created by the kitchen door.

headless cat

Sometimes I like to create the illusion of headlessness.


For short periods of time, when it’s hot outside, I sprawl in the middle of the cool parquet floor in the lounge. 

cat on roof

I often retire to Horst’s garden (Horst is the landlord of the Lucky 5 Star) in the afternoons and ponder the meaning of life on the garden shed roof. This hiding place went unnoticed for quite a long time, until Heather discovered it one day while she was visiting Mystery, the cat who lives with Horst. I wasn’t pleased when she found me, as you can see in this photo.

cat through tree

Heather was so excited to discover this place that she photographed me from multiple angles. I remained impassive.

cat in tree

When I’m feeling particularly frisky, I run up a tree, hoping to make the top of the tree into one of my places.  But I get scared once I’m up there . Then I have to get down, which is more difficult than getting up. I make this mistake again and again. I don’t know why.


I generally like Mystery. He’s a good cat neighbor. But I do NOT like it when he invades my places.  Occasionally I have to puff up my tail and tell him what’s what. 


Here’s another place that I managed to keep secret for a while — behind the couch, between the curtain and the big window. Last week Lucky discovered me there and tipped Heather off. I tried my best to ignore her.

cat on cabinet

This is the highest place inside the Lucky 5 Star. I like to sit up there and survey my territory, especially in the evening.

When I really want to throw Heather off, I choose alternate sleeping places. Last night , for instance, Heather refused to come to bed when I bid her to do so. So I went out to the garage and slept on the front seat of Horst’s car. (He had conveniently left the window open.) Unfortunately Horst discovered me there this morning so I’ll have to find a new alternate sleeping place. I imagine he’ll keep his windows closed from now on.


melville cat on table

Insert angry meow.


  1. addercatter

    Wonderful, gorgeous little creature! I love kitties so much!!!

    • 2summers

      Thanks. He is a special cat.

  2. catherine

    it’s always great to hear from the Melville cat, thanks!

  3. Kathryn McCullough

    God, I love these photos, Heather! A very handsome boy!

    • 2summers

      Thanks Kathy. Hope you’re doing well.

  4. Deano

    I absolutely love the Melville feline! What great photos too! I’ve notice too that he has a knack for writing…..very similar to your style. :):)


    • 2summers

      Thanks Dean. Yeah, I taught him everything he knows.

  5. Owls


  6. tenneymason

    What a nice series of photos; and Melville is a great storyteller. Maybe he’ll write a book someday.

    • 2summers

      He very well might. Several people have suggested that idea.

  7. amelie88

    I’m not a cat person and the feeling is usually mutual. I stay away from them, they stay away from me. This guy though seems to have so much personality!

    • 2summers

      He does indeed. He’s been known to win over non-cat lovers in the past.


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