I’m interrupting my Namibia series for this important announcement: 2Summers has procured an iPhone.


There are many secrets locked inside this mysterious machine that I have yet to discover. I don’t know how to activate the 3G, or to switch the ringer on from silent. But there is one thing I can say for certain: The camera works.

A few of the Jozi Instagrammers — or IGersJozi, as the group is called — met up on Sunday afternoon to shoot pictures around the Orlando Power Station in Soweto. It was my first time taking the iPhone on an instawalk and I went batshit crazy. I took dozens and dozens of photos and haven’t even gone through them all yet. But here are my favorites so far.

Click the thumbnails to see full-sized images.

It’s taking me a while to adjust to the tiny screen. And I need to remember than an iPhone battery dies quickly when you’re shooting ten photos a minute. But still. iPhonography is rad, dude. Especially in Soweto at Golden Hour.

Back to Namibia in the next post.

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