While in Namibia recently, I spent three days in Etosha National Park. Etosha is considered one of the best places in Southern Africa for game-viewing. (Although if you are really into seeing animals, December is not the best time to go to Etosha. There’s a lot of water in the park at this time of year so the animals aren’t forced to come into the open and drink at the waterholes, as they are during the dry season. In December you have to look a bit harder.)

Anyway, we did see lots of amazing animals and I will show you my best animal shots in the next post. For me though, the best thing about Etosha is not the animals, but the sky.

sunburst instagram

We didn’t see many animals at the Etosha waterholes, but damn, did we see some waterhole sunsets. This is an Instagram of the sunset over the Halali waterhole.

I used to think that South Africa had the most beautiful skies in the world. I must amend that now, and bequeath the 2Summers Most Beautiful Skies Award to Namibia. Particularly Etosha National Park in December. See for yourself.

morning moon

One our second morning in Etosha, we got up at 4:30 a.m. to catch the morning game drive. It was painful but worth it. There was a full moon the night before so we saw the sun rising on one horizon and the moon setting on the other.

waterhole sunrise

The view on the other horizon.

tawny eagles

Pink sky behind a pair of tawny eagles, just after sunrise.

morning moon2

One more look at the morning moon.

storm clouds over tree

Afternoon storm clouds over a flat plain.

clouds over etosha pan

Storm clouds over the Etosha salt pan, a 120-kilometre-long geological wonder that covers most of the surface area of Etosha National Park. 

sky and water

Instagram of morning clouds and water on the pan. Water only collects on the pan during the wettest part of the year, so it was cool to see that.

sunburst sunset2

A slightly different take on the same sunset shown in the first photo.

halali sunset

The greatest sunset I saw, also at the Halali waterhole. I shot this frame with my iPad and did not alter the image in any way. This is exactly how it looked.

Coming up: Graceful giraffes, hilarious hyenas, and a few words on where to stay when visiting Etosha.

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