I Danced Like a Maniac in Hillbrow

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Actually, “jumped around like a maniac” is a better description of what I did. But you know what I mean.

Jovi BCUC resized

This is Jovi, lead singer of a band from Soweto called BCUC. He made me jump around like a maniac.

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the terrible taxi accident at the Hillbrow Boxing Club, and our plans to help Coach George Khosi fix his ring and make other repairs to the gym. I’m pleased to report that the fundraising efforts have been very productive. The ring has already been replaced and several other improvements are underway.

To celebrate this success, a bunch of my friends who are involved with the boxing club decided to plan a charity event at the gym featuring several Jozi bands. I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical about this plan at first. Putting on a concert in Hillbrow, at a place like the Hillbrow Boxing Club, presents some challenges. Will it be safe? Will the power stay on? Will anyone come? Will the Hillbrow community welcome us?

The answers: Yes, yes, yes. And yes. The photos say it all.

motel mari warmup

Motèl Mari gets tuned up. The bands performed inside the new ring, which was awesome.

kids at gym


instagram moonchild

Instagram of Moonchild, the first performer of the day. I was dazzled by her hair. Her music is amazing too.

moonchild close resized

When Moonchild first arrived, I ran up to her and blurted, “I love your hair!” Moonchild looked bemused but thanked me graciously. For a brief moment I considered asking her where she had it done, thinking I might go and get the same style. Then I returned to earth and apologized for acting like an idiot.


Moonchild was accompanied by a kick-ass chick who plays the trumpet with a toilet plunger cover. Again, I was dazzled.

trumpet girl shoes

The kick-ass trumpet chick’s kick-ass shoes.

instagram motel mari drummer

Instagram of the Motèl Mari drummer.

george and elizabeth

George and Elizabeth Donaldson, one of the fantastic donors who contributed to helping repair the gym.  She says she is going to come train with us, too. (Elizabeth, I’m going to hold you to this commitment.) The boy on the left is Dumo, who boxes regularly at the gym. I wrote about him in a previous post.

UJU closeup resized

Ntuthu Ndlovu, the soulful lead singer of UJU. I saw UJU for the first time a couple of weeks ago at the Afrikan Freedom Station, during my Weekend of Jozi Awesomeness. UJU was awesome the second time around, too.


Gym members enjoy the afternoon.

BCUC singing

I’m not going to try to describe BCUC’s music. You have to experience it for yourself, and it must be experienced live. Preferably at a boxing gym in Hillbrow.

jovi rocking

Jovi, I am a little bit in love with you. I think most of the women (and probably many of the men) who were there on Sunday share my sentiment.

I wish I had some photos of all the people dancing around like maniacs during BCUC’s performance. But I had to put my camera away. There are certain moments in life when maniacal dancing (or maniacal jumping, rather) takes precedence over shooting photos.

I was so sad when BCUC finished. I didn’t want the day to end.

dumo and DJ

Dumo watches the DJ who played as the concert drew to a close. I don’t think Dumo wanted the day to end either.

Well done to everyone who helped organize the concert, and thanks to everyone who came. I’m proud of the gym and I’m proud of Hillbrow. Peace.


  1. eremophila

    There’s much that isn’t right with the world. But you have shown me that love and kindness still exists – thank you! ♥

    • 2summers

      Oh. What a wonderful comment. Thank YOU!

  2. Meruschka

    So glad I came to the fundraiser, even if it was only for a short time. Sad to have missed BCUC, saw them recently and I danced so much I had a sore knee the next day!

    • 2summers

      I was a little sore the next day too 🙂 I LOVED them. Must see them again.

  3. amelie88

    So much happening in these pictures! Looks like everybody had a great time!

  4. Henrike Grohs

    thanks heather love this blog and the images evoke nice memories


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