When I first moved to Joburg I blogged about everything I did. Going for a walk, shopping for groceries, sitting in the yard watching birds…No activity was too trivial. Everything was bloggable.

Nearly three years later, my blogging habits have changed. I do a lot more exciting things than I used to and I don’t have the time to blog about them all. I also don’t bring my big camera with me everywhere I go anymore, which means I’m at the mercy of my iPhone camera. Sometimes I get good pictures and sometimes I don’t. If I don’t get enough good pictures, I don’t blog. Hence, I pick and choose my bloggable experiences.

It occurred to me yesterday that I’ve done all kinds of interesting things in the last two weeks and I’ve hardly blogged about any of them. So here’s a quick round-up of my recent (almost-bloggable) adventures.

Yeoville/Ponte walk

Two Saturdays ago I took a walking tour of Yeoville hosted by Dlala Nje. (You might remember that I went on a walk around Hillbrow and Ponte city with Dlala Nje a couple of months ago.) I really like Yeoville and I enjoyed the walk, but I didn’t bring my DSLR along. This resulted in a dearth good pictures. I did get a couple of decent iPhone shots, below.

Yeoville umbrella

A Yeoville ridge overlooking the city. This is one of my favorite views in Joburg — I’ve written about it once before.

Yeoville kids

Yeoville kids.

The Yeoville walk did not officially include a tour of Ponte City, even though the walk started and ended from there. But the Ponte core is open to the public so my friends and I went down for a look after the walk. (If you want to know how to get in there, send me a message and I’ll explain.)


Ponte core. So awesome.

Chinese New Year Celebration

Later that same evening, I went to Joburg’s Old Chinatown to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I left early — my ears were ringing from all the fireworks going off in every direction. Plus the food lines were too long and I got hit in the leg with a firecracker. It wasn’t very pleasant.

chinese new year

Commissioner Street in downtown Jozi, decorated for the Chinese New Year. The lanterns were nice but I was otherwise unimpressed. I did hear that the big fireworks display was amazing, but I was gone by that time.

One Billion Rising at Constitution Hill

This event actually deserves its own post. But I missed the boat on that so I’ll include it here.

On Valentine’s Day I attended the Joburg One Billion Rising demonstration at Constitution Hill, on the site of the old women’s prison. One Billion Rising events took place all over the world last Thursday, protesting the pandemics of rape and violence against women.

hillbrow skyline

View of Hillbrow from the ramparts of the Old Fort Prison at Constitution Hill.

billion rising display

A powerful, graphic protest against rape.


The other day, while waiting in line at the bank, I saw the following news headline flash past on a TV screen: “144 women report rape in South Africa each day. Research reveals only 1 in 25 women report rape.” These statistics are unacceptable. Enough is enough.

sunset Constitution Hill

Sunset at Constitution Hill.

Miscellaneous weekend fun

This past weekend was filled with quirky fun stuff.

bedtime story exhibition

On Saturday morning I attended a photography exhibition about the Troyeville Bedtime Story at Gallery MOMO in Parktown North. This kid is posing in front of a huge piece of wallpaper made from a photograph of the Troyeville Bedtime Story headboard. Please don’t ask me to explain. Just enjoy the photo.

Moonchild at AFS

Crazy shot of Moonchild rocking out at the Afrikan Freedom Station. I’ve written about both Moonchild and the African Freedom Station in previous posts.

I ended the weekend with a sunset Instawalk on the Melville Koppies.

tim on Koppies

My Instagramming friend Tim.

koppies wild dagga

Wild dagga flowers in the koppies.

power line sunset

Sunset behind the power lines.

Writing this post has made me exhausted and I haven’t even written about the all the things I did over the last two weekends. These are only the highlights.

I need a holiday from all the Jozi fun.

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