From the Melville Cat:

I really like living on the Lucky 5 Star Commune. There are nice people around here who pet me and tell me I am a beautiful cat. (Of course I know this already but it’s nice to hear it repeated.) I get lots of good cat food and milk, and there is plenty of game-hunting on the property.

cat and mouse

My most recent hunting success. It’s either a large mouse or a small rat.

The one thing I don’t like about the Lucky 5 Star is the lack of places to sit. Heather doesn’t have much furniture and she refuses to buy any, claiming she doesn’t need a lot of stuff and doesn’t have money for furniture anyway.

However, in the morning I like to sit in the kitchen and wait for Heather to feed me my morning milk. Heather won’t let me sit on the counter, which means I am relegated to the floor. This is unacceptable.

cat on floor

Sitting on the floor makes me angry.

So when Tenney, Heather’s dad, came to visit the Lucky 5 Star from America a couple of weeks ago, I suggested that he buy us some kitchen stools as a present. He graciously agreed. No one says no to the Melville Cat.

Heather and Tenney went to Long Road, a strip of quirky antique stores in Newlands. They found a shop there, called Retro Noah, that turns old stuff into new stuff.


This is Werner, the founder of Retro Noah. I’ve never met him but Heather says he is nice. He named his company after Noah, the guy who built Noah’s Ark. Apparently that guy was a pretty good carpenter.

The people at Retro Noah find old wood that comes from houses being torn down, or wood that’s going to be thrown away for some other reason. Then they turn the old wood into retro-style furniture.

(Please note that I don’t really care about the story of Retro Noah. I don’t care where the stools came from at all, actually. But Heather asked me to tell you because she thinks Retro Noah is cool. Ho hum.)


The people at Retro Noah can build whatever you want from their old wood — tables, or chairs, or picture frames or whatever.

Heather explained to Werner what she wanted and he made the stools for her. (Really the stools are for me but Heather can think what she wants.) Then Heather went to get the stools and brought them to the Lucky 5 Star.

stools and sign

Those are my stools.

name on stool

There’s a funky logo on the bottom of the stool seats. Heather says that Retro Noah has very good “branding”, whatever that means.

stools at home

Heather had to Instagram the stools as soon as she brought them home.

So, that problem is solved. Tenney is happy because he bought us a present. Heather is happy because the stools look nice and they were created “sustainably”, whatever that means. I am happy because I no longer have to sit on the kitchen floor.

cat on stool

Hooray for me. The end.

Retro Noah is at 172 Long Rd., Newlands.

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