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As I said in my previous post (and many other posts, for that matter), Joburg is pretty from above. But just to clarify, Joburg is pretty from ground level, too.

On Sunday I participated in another walking tour with Gerald Garner from JoburgPlaces. (Read about my previous JoburgPlaces tour here.) Sunday’s tour took us from Newtown to Maboneng and back, mostly on foot with a bit of driving mixed in.

walking Newtown

Walking through Mary Fitzgerald Square in Newtown.

I loved this tour. I saw and learned so many interesting things, and it made me feel so proud to live in Jozi. It made me feel f-ing lucky. Again.

Here are a few pictures of pretty things we saw on the tour.

Pigeon Square

Pretty birds in Pigeon Square, near old Chinatown. (I realize not everyone thinks pigeons are pretty, especially in vast numbers like this. But I do.) 

mining statue

A sculptor in a pretty hat puts the finishing touches on a new statue outside the Chamber of Mines.

ladies on street

Pretty ladies on the street near the Carlton Centre.

Turret and robot

Pretty little building on the corner of Marshall and Loveday Streets. It’s called the Turret, and it’s the new office for JoburgPlaces and also for the Joburg City Tourism Association. I’ll have more to say about the Joburg City Tourism Association in the near future.

Vodacom graffiti

Pretty graffiti.


Pretty reflections in the glass walls of the Standard Bank Centre, which stands in the corporate mining district where the historic Cullinan Building used to be. The Standard Bank Centre is an architectural marvel, having been built from the top down in 1968.

Standard Bank building and sign

Pretty historic buildings.

I think I might sound like a gushing broken record, going on and on about how great Joburg is and how happy I am to live here. But that’s how I feel right now. I’m also feeling kind of awed and overjoyed that after years of struggle and uncertainty, of not knowing what I’m doing here and wondering whether I’m coming or going, things are really starting to work out between Jozi and me.

Almost without my noticing it, my passion for writing about and photographing Joburg has become more than just a passion — it’s become a livelihood. I can’t explain exactly how just yet. But I will soon.

Oh, and I’m also feeling happy because it looks like my beloved broken lens (see the sad photo at the bottom of this post) is going to be fixed. The fantastic people at Cameratek and Canon South Africa are helping me out and things look very promising. I’ll keep you posted.

birds of paradise

Pretty birds of paradise in the Jozi CBD.

That’s enough gushing for now. Until next post.


  1. Gail Wilson

    So glad you are giving people a different view of our awesome city. Thank you.

  2. catherine

    very pleased that things are working out for you! best wishes.

  3. eremophila

    I’m jumping up and down doing a happy dance for you!! 🙂

  4. Fiver

    Glad the lens can be fixed. I’d hate for you to lose your favourite view of the world!

    And oh, how I miss Jozi’s prettiness.

    • 2summers

      Yeah. Although now I’m borrowing a Canon 16-35mm and I’m REALLY liking my view of the world through that 🙂

  5. Sartenada

    Great photos and the first one is my favorite.

    • 2summers

      Thank you, I like that one too.

  6. Wenchy

    I absolutely love your blog. As in fabulous!

    • 2summers

      Thanks very much Wenchy! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

  7. Anni Wakerley

    Join Joburg Sketchers Facebook group and come draw the city of Joburg with us. Regular sketch days happen on the 3rd Saturday of the month, and random mid-week sketch events. No experience needed. Drawing the city, it’s people and places. one sketch at a time.


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