Brilliant Night View of #JoburgCity

by | May 17, 2013 | Arts and Culture, Johannesburg, Johannesburg City Centre, Museums and Buildings | 5 comments

Last night I attended an art exhibition called the Postcard Revival on the top floor of the Barbican Building, one of the most iconic buildings in downtown Joburg. I have no time to tell you anything about the exhibition, or the glorious building in which it took place.  But I’m making time to show you one photo that I took from the Barbican’s 10th-floor balcony.

Gauteng legislature sm

Ah, Joburg City. I heart you. (This is the Gauteng Legislature building.) 

I’m off to the Joburg City Tourism Association’s weekend in the city. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We’ve created a special hashtag for the weekend, #JoburgCity, which you can follow on Twitter and Instagram. Maybe I’ll even squeeze in a blog post at some point over the weekend. (Although likely not because the schedule is jam-packed.)

I’m very excited, and also very late. Bye.


  1. Lee

    Words fail me. That is probably the best photo ever. Phenomenal …….

  2. Gail Wilson


  3. Shawn

    Wish we had known–is the exhibition still on or was it a one night thing? (Btw, the fourth building from left, behind the Gauteng Legislature dome, is our building!)

    • 2summers

      Hey Shawn, I’m sorry you didn’t know about it! I think it was just a one-night thing, but you can check for updates on their FB page:

      I need to come check out your place! I’m spending a lot of time in that neighborhood now 🙂

      • Shawn

        Yes, we’ll have to have you over for drinks! Inbox me your cell number on Facebook?


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