From the Melville Cat:

I’m free at last. The blasted cone was removed.


May this horrid collar never adorn my neck again. (If you missed the story of how I got the cone in the first place, read here.)

This morning Heather put me into the plastic box and drove me to the vet. At the vet, a mean lady held me down and cut my belly with a scissors, which was horrid. Heather said the mean lady was removing my stitches but I couldn’t see anything. I was too busy squirming and howling.

But then the mean lady did something nice. She brought those same scissors to my neck and cut the string that tied my blasted cone. My head was free! But before I knew what was happening Heather put me back in the plastic box and drove me home.

At home, I received my first real taste of freedom.

Cat emerges

I emerged from the plastic box.

Cat scratch

I scratched myself for the first time in two weeks. (By the way, two weeks is the equivalent of two months in cat years.)

Cat walking

I went outside. No more indoor imprisonment.

Cat grooming

I groomed every part of my body. Twice. For the last two weeks I have only been able to lick the very tip of my tail.

Then I went hunting and brought Heather a half-dead baby bird. She was not very appreciative and refused to photograph me with my prize. How rude.

Life is getting back to normal around here.

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