Last night I slept in the most beautiful place in downtown Joburg. I normally try to avoid superlatives but in this case I am not exaggerating  — it was literally THE most beautiful place in the city.

I can’t tell you where I was, specifically, because I was reviewing the place for a magazine and I’m not allowed to write about it or put photos of it on my blog until the review is published (not for a couple of months, at least). But I’ve decided it’s okay to show you pictures of the view.

Skyline early sunset

Jozi skyline in the early evening.

Panoramic sunset

Panoramic shot of the skyline at sunset. Can you believe I took this photo with my phone? I’m blown away by the camera in my new iPhone5s.

Skyline late sunset

More sunset. This shot would look nicer without the hideous “15% More Value” LED sign at the top of the ABSA building. But such is life.

Skyline night 1

Night skyline. Again, would be better without the hideous LED. The purple lights on the left are from a huge rooftop party that was happening a couple of blocks away. Luckily the party ended before I was ready to go to sleep.

Skyline night 2

More night skyline.

Skyline morning

Early this morning.

I’m dying to write more about this place. There’s a lot more to it than the view. But I’ll just have to be patient.

In the meantime, the Jozi regulars among you can probably figure out what the place is. And if you really want to know but can’t work it out, email Bheki at and he will fill you in.

Me and view

This view made me so happy that I had to take a selfie with it.

To be continued.

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