Hello. My name is Fender. I’m a kitten from Hillbrow.

Today started as the worst day of my life. My brother and me were hiding under a car next to the Hillbrow Boxing Club. I can’t remember what happened. I think the car ran over my brother. After the car went away I went to my brother. He didn’t move at all. I laid down on top of my brother. I don’t know how long I laid there. I waited to die.

The next thing I knew, a human was standing over me and my brother. The human picked me up and I was so scared. I jumped away and ran under another car. Another human came and they pulled me out. The first human, named Heather, wrapped me up and took me to her car.

Fender wrapped up

I was very scared in Heather’s car, and I missed my brother.

Later we came to a house. Heather took me inside and put me in a box. I was still scared but the box felt safe. Heather gave me milk and I ate it. I was very hungry.

Fender in box

Me in my box.

Nervous Fender

After my milk I felt better. But I was still nervous.

Heather talked to me while I sat in my box. She said another cat lived with her, called the Melville Cat. She said she couldn’t keep me at her house but another human wanted me to come live with him.

I didn’t understand much of what Heather said. I was so tired. I went to sleep in my box.

Fender sleeping

Sleeping in my box.

I woke up and Heather was carrying my box. Then we were in the car and went to another place. Another human pulled me out and put me on a table. The other human moved me around, pushed something in my mouth, and sprayed stuff on my fur. She told Heather that I am a boy. (I knew this already.) Then she put me back in my box.

Fender at vet

I gave up trying to understand anything. I was just happy when I could go back in my box.

Back at Heather’s house, I slept again. I woke up and ate some delicious food, even though my tummy didn’t feel good. Then I slept some more.

Fender and plate

That food was so good. I ate it all.

I woke up again and Heather said it was time to go to my new house. She put my box in the car and we drove somewhere. Heather took my box out of the car and gave me to another human.

My new human is a man called Lev. Lev is very nice. He took me to his house. Now it’s my house too. There are other humans there, and another kitten, like me. Lev says the other kitten came from Hillbrow too. Her name is Ponte.

I didn’t have a name before. But Lev told me that my name is Fender now. Lev plays something called a guitar and that is how I got my name. I don’t really understand, but I don’t care. I’m happy I have a home and a name, and a blanket and food to eat.

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This is me, Fender, in my new house. (Photo: Gareth Pon)

Fender from Brad

Sleeping on my new blanket. (Photo: Brad Roberts)

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I am so happy. (Photo: Gareth Pon)

Today was the best day of my life.

Editor’s note: Fender and Smokey (the Melville Cat) never met during Fender’s short stay at the Lucky 5 Star Commune, which was probably for the best.

Another cat is the last thing I need in my life at the moment, but I was sad when I handed Fender over to Lev. I know they’ll be happy together though, and I’ll be able to visit. Lev lives with my friend Gareth, who also recently rescued a kitten — named Ponte — from Ponte City in Hillbrow. I foresee many good times ahead for Ponte and Fender.

Even though his brother wasn’t so lucky, I’m really happy that I could help Fender get another chance at life. He has eight lives left.

PS: Fender the kitty has now joined Instagram. Follow him at @fenderthekitty.

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