Yesterday I flew over Joburg in a helicopter.

This experience was so crazy and unexpected — I hardly know how to explain it. But here’s how it went, briefly:

Last week I was invited to participate in a mysterious “Instawalk” hosted by Vodacom. (If you don’t know what an Instawalk is, read here.) The invitation was shrouded in secrecy. I signed on right away, sensing something extraordinary.

Yesterday a group of about 15 Instagrammers, myself included, converged on a rooftop in downtown Joburg. We were greeted by representatives from Vodacom and a communications agency called Cerebra. We each received a new olloclip — a nifty iPhone lens attachment — and were instructed to mark our Instagram posts with the hashtag “#Vodawalk”. (If you don’t know what Instagram is, or don’t know what a hashtag is…Just figure it out, okay?)

We had a couple of minutes to admire the view and then were ushered downstairs into cars, bound for an unknown destination.

View 24 Park St

View from the roof of 24 Park Street, near Maboneng. #Vodawalk.

Twenty minutes later we arrived at a place in Germiston called the Harvard Café. I didn’t realize until we entered the café that it is part of Rand Airport.

Rand Airport

Rand Airport. #Vodawalk.

Next thing I knew I was in a helicopter.


Our copter. #Vodawalk.

Heather in copter

Oh look, I’m in a helicopter. (Photo by Tim Van Rooyen, who also wrote a nice blog post about the #Vodawalk.)

I was amazed and bewildered. I didn’t have my DSLR with me. I did my best to take pics through the window, struggling to hold my phone steady against the helicopter’s wingbeats.

Highway from above

#Vodawalk. (I personally think the hashtag should have been #Vodaflight. But I’m not complaining, Vodacom. I heart you forever.)

Jozi east


Hillbrow from above

Omg. #Vodawalk.

Jozi from above

Omg omg this is so fu&*ing amazing #Vodawalk.

Then we were back on the ground. The ride lasted about 15 minutes.

A bit later we went back to the Jozi rooftop and watched the sunset. We also had burgers and beer.

Sunset 24 Park St

Pretty rooftop, pretty sunset. #Vodawalk.

Socializing on roof

Cool people having burgers and beer. #Vodawalk.

#Vodawalk was kind of awesome. Twenty-four hours later, I’m still buzzing.

Well done, Vodacom. You’re brilliant and you’ve earned a spot in the title of my post.

Heather on roof

A new 2Summers Facebook profile pic, courtesy of Tim Van Rooyen. Thanks, Vodacom and Cerebra.

To see more photos from our walk in the sky, check the #Vodawalk hashtag on Instagram. Also follow me on Instagram at @2summers.

#Vodawalk, baby. #Vodawalk.

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