UPDATE (October 2017): Eatery JHB has closed. Sad face.

Announcement: The first public book launch for SandtonPlaces is this evening, 5:30 p.m., at Exclusive Books in Sandton City. Everyone is welcome so please stop by if you’d like to meet Gerald Garner, Brian Unsted, and me and have us sign your copy of the book. The book has already made the local top-10 bestseller list at Exclusives.

In honor of this occasion, I’m providing a quickie tip on the best place for a nice dinner in Sandton. (I know I write mostly about dives but the truth is that I like classy food, too.) I have a lot of American friends and colleagues who travel through Joburg and stay in Sandton, and they are always asking me for suggestions on where to eat. My number one recommendation is always the same: Eatery JHB.

Eatery JHB has several things going for it. First, it’s located in a great area  — just off 11th Street in Parkmore. Parkmore is technically its own suburb but it’s less than five minutes from Sandton City and one of very few places around Sandton that feels like an actual neighborhood. The street is walkable, with lots of quirky, independently owned shops and restaurants at street level. (No shopping centers.)

Second, Eatery JHB serves really creative, delicious food and wine. The food isn’t cheap but not ridiculously expensive either compared to other high-end restaurants in Sandton. You can check out the menu here but be aware that it’s ever-changing. I’ve loved everything that I’ve ever ordered from it.

Third, Eatery JHB’s atmosphere is hip and cool but also totally unpretentious. No stuffy maître D’s with put-on Italian accents. The restaurant itself was converted from an old car workshop. Best of all, Eatery JHB is not a chain. The owners are two young local guys named Matt and Shayne, one or both of whom always seem to be hanging out in the restaurant.

Parkmore - Eatery JHB inside small

Eatery JHB is at the corner of 11th Street and Victoria Avenue in Parkmore. (The entrance is slightly hidden away on Victoria Avenue.) Call 011-783-1570 for a reservation — don’t show up without one because the place fills up, even on weeknights.

I have several other recommendations for places to eat in Parkmore but to get those you will have to buy the book. Hope to see you tonight.

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