Elvis is Alive (in Joburg)

by | Feb 21, 2015 | Arts and Culture, Johannesburg, Johannesburg City Centre | 2 comments

On Thursday evening I attended “Elvis the Show” at the Joburg Theatre. This was my first-ever Elvis impersonation show and I quite enjoyed it. I shot a few photos from my seat and thought I would share them.


Elvis is played by Nathan Belt, a musician/Elvis impersonator based in Nashville, Tennessee.


Nathan has an amazing Elvis voice and a great rapport with the crowd, but I wasn’t blown away by his Elvis dance moves. His backup dancers are amazing though.


Nathan changes outfits throughout the show, slowly transitioning from “Young Elvis” of leather jackets and blue suede shoes, to “Old Elvis” of sparkly white bell-bottom jumpsuits. Old Elvis was spectacular but I didn’t get any good shots of him — I’m still getting used to my new camera and the blinding white jumpsuit played havoc with my exposure settings.

My boyfriend and I really had fun at the Elvis show, even though neither of us are particularly fanatical Elvis fans. The show runs through 8 March at the Joburg Theatre — book tickets here if you’re interested.

Tomorrow I’m leaving Joburg for an adventure in the bush. Talk to you in a week or so.

My tickets for Elvis the Show were provided courtesy of the Joburg Theatre. 


  1. Jackie

    I’ve seen this show and I love Elvis bit grew up with a dad who thought he could sing just as good

    • 2summers

      Ha! I figured you’d probably seen this 🙂


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