I love Joburg.
I love Joburg buildings.
I love shooting pictures of Joburg buildings.
I love shooting pictures of Joburg buildings with my Canon.

For all of the reasons listed above, I was stoked when Canon hired me to shoot pictures of iconic Joburg buildings for an advertising campaign they’re working on. I was out the door, camera in hand, almost before I hung up the phone.

I’ve spent the past few weeks driving all over Joburg looking for the perfect iconic building photo. Here are my favorites, in the order that I took them:

Ponte core1

Looking up from inside the core of Ponte City.

Jozi view - Starburst sunset

View from the 30th floor of Ponte City (thanks for letting me borrow your apartment, Ryan), featuring the Hillbrow Tower and various Hillbrow high-rises.

Sunset Hillbrow Tower

Another view of the Hillbrow Tower from the 30th floor of Ponte.

Jozi view - Ponte and churchgoers1

Ponte City on a Sunday morning, viewed from Yeoville Ridge. Yeoville Ridge is my #1 favorite Jozi skyline viewpoint. The people in the foreground are Zionist Christians who come to the ridge to pray.

Hillbrow tower and woman

Another view of Hillbrow and the Hillbrow Tower, also from Yeoville Ridge. 

Hillbrow Tower through fence

Hillbrow Tower, shot from the ramparts of Constitution Hill. As you can see I really like the Hillbrow Tower.

Brixton Tower2

Brixton Tower, also known as the Sentech Tower, at sunset, accompanied by a couple of hadedas. This was the first time I’d ever photographed the Brixton Tower at close range, even though it’s right around the corner from my house. I’m going to do a dedicated post about it soon.

Jozi view - city skyline

 This shot doesn’t portray one building in particular. (Although the Carlton Centre, Africa’s tallest building, is on the far left.) But the skyline as a whole is pretty iconic. I shot this from a building on the east side of the CBD called Hallmark House, which I’ll be writing more about later.

Jozi view - Mandela mural daytime

This is also more of a general cityscape than a specific building. I love the shot because it’s so iconically South African. The building with the Mandela mural is called Access City and is part of the Maboneng Precinct. (Read more about the mural.) This photo was also shot from Hallmark House.

For the gearheads among you: I shot these pictures with my Canon 6D and mostly with a Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 lens. (The interior Ponte shot was taken with a Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8 lens.)

Canon has chosen one of these photos for its campaign, which will have the tagline, “Find your own angle.” I already know which photo they chose. Any guesses?

I also want to know which photo that you, my readers, like the best. Please let me know by 25 March, either by commenting on this blog post or by posting your choice on my Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook feeds. I’m going to tally all the votes, then produce the winning shot as a limited-edition print. (I did the limited-edition print thing once before and had great success, so I thought I’d try it again.)

I’m working on a couple of other exciting projects with Canon, which I’ll tell you about soon. In the meantime, please cast your vote.

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