Brixton on Fire: My Second Limited-Edition Print

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At this time last year I put my first-ever limited-edition print, “Hazy Blue Hour”, up for sale on my blog. The sale went remarkably well — I sold all ten prints — so I’ve decided to make it an annual event.

I hearby introduce my second limited-edition print, “Brixton on Fire”:

Brixton edited resized2

Thanks to Martin Gibbs Photography and Framing in Pretoria for helping me to get this photo ready for printing. I’ve said this many times, but you guys are the best.

Some of you may remember this picture, which I shot a few months ago while working on the Canon Iconic Buildings campaign. I took several photos of my favorite Joburg buildings and Canon chose one of them for a magazine ad campaign. Canon selected my shot from inside the core of Ponte City for their ad. (See all of my original iconic building photos in this post.)

I also asked my readers to vote for their favorite iconic building shot, with the idea that I would use the winner for my next limited-edition print. But there was no clear consensus — everyone seemed to have a different favorite.

In the end I chose the picture that I like best: a shot of the Sentech Tower, also known as the Brixton Tower, at sunset.

I love this photo for a few reasons:

1) The Sentech Tower is in my own neighborhood, at the top of a ridge in the Jozi suburb of Brixton. The tower is unique in that it’s definitely a Joburg landmark but sits apart from the rest of Joburg’s most iconic buildings, which are concentrated in the city’s central business district.

2) I’ve driven past the tower 100 times but this was the first time I’d photographed it up close. I took the photo from a small University of Johannesburg athletics complex that sits right beneath the tower. (Note the bank of lights on the left, which are lighting up the soccer field below).

3) Mother Nature was kind to me on the night I shot this photo. Just before the sun went down, storm clouds rolled in and started to pelt us with fat drops of water. The rain stopped almost immediately, but the clouds hung around and created one of the best sunsets of the year. It was a classic Jozi summer evening.

4) There are hadedas in the picture. Enough said.

A bit of background on the Sentech Tower: Built to transmit radio and TV signal in 1962, the tower was the tallest structure in Africa until the Hillbrow Tower was built a decade later. Originally called the Brixton Tower, the naming rights were officially purchased by Sentech — South Africa’s state-owned TV and radio broadcasting enterprise — about 15 years ago. The tower is still fully operational today, but unfortunately it’s not open to the public. (There used to be a public observation deck but it closed in 1982.)

If you’re interested in buying a print, here are the details:

I’m selling the prints for R1900 ($155) each, a slight increase from last year’s price. The prints will be produced A2-sized, on fine-art paper, individually numbered, and signed. I’ll produce only ten prints and won’t print this image again. If you’d like to buy a print, please contact me in one of two ways:

1)   Send a private message through the contact page on my blog.
2)   Contact me on Twitter at @2Summers.

I’ll process requests on a first-come, first-served basis. For those in the Joburg area: I will meet you at a central location to hand over the print. For those outside of the Joburg area: I will work with you to get the print delivered but you will be responsible for the delivery costs. We can work out payment and delivery methods on a case-by-case basis.

I won’t do another sale like this until next year. So don’t miss out. (End of advertisement.)


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