Melville Newsflash: Print for Sale at Mzansi Gallery

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This is a quick speed-blog to let you all know that the Mzansi Gallery, a quirky art gallery on 7th Street in Melville, is getting ready to close for several weeks while it transitions to a new space. Before closing its doors on Friday, Mzansi is doing a two-day mini exhibition of two art works, one of which is mine.

The main work on display is a wall-sized masterpiece called “No Land No Love” by Joburg artist and the founder of the Afrikan Freedom Station, Steve “Kwena” Mokwena. Can’t afford the wall-sized masterpiece? You can also buy a smaller print version.


A glimpse of “No Land No Love”, both picture and print. That’s Kwena’s niece, Bontle, in the background.

The second work is my limited-edition print, “Brixton on Fire”, which I blogged about a few weeks ago.


Bontle hanging out in front of my print.

Brixton edited resized2

Here’s a better look at the picture.

I have seven prints left in the series and this is the only framed version.

The Mzansi Gallery has several other works available and I think there are good deals to be had. If you feel like buying some art (especially mine), pop in before 12:00 p.m. on Friday. Visit the Mzansi Gallery Facebook page for more information.

Peace out, art-lovers.


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