A Few Words From the Melville Cat

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Melville and Surrounds, The Melville/Brixton Cats | 5 comments

Dear fans of the Melville Cat,

I know that you have been waiting to hear from me, eager to learn how I’m faring in the ordeal I explained to you in my previous post. I apologize for the silence but I’ve had many matters to attend to that are more important than blogging. I’m busy establishing my new domain.


I will explain this photo in my next post. Until then, I’ll let you formulate your own theories.

Also, I don’t have much time to write because Heather, my typing assistant, is leaving today for a place called Mauritius. How rude. Why she would want to leave my magical new domain so soon is beyond me.

But all is not lost. I plan to take advantage of Heather’s absence, cementing my domain and training Ray, my second assistant, to properly meet my needs. He has much to learn.

I will also engage in tree-climbing practice.


My climbing prowess is strong but I need to hone my technique.

Fear not, fans. All is well. Until next time.


  1. violet online

    Mauritius? Pfft.

  2. Gail Wilson

    So glad you love your new home and just a little advise male homosapians are not easy to train. Good luck 🙂

  3. amelie88

    Good to know the kitty is settling in. Do Smoky and his second assistant Ray get along?

  4. autumnashbough

    Thank you, MC, for deigning to inform your lowly fans of your status! Love your pictures, though, yes, I would agree that your descent technique might need some work. 😉

    • 2summers

      You are welcome. Meow.



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