Everything in Mauritius is Beautiful.

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I went to Mauritius for five days. I’ve concluded that everything there is beautiful.

I have lots to say about the trip and dozens of photos to post. But here’s a 10-photo teaser to prove my above statement.

1) The beaches in Mauritius are beautiful.


The beach at Le Prince Maurice, part of Constance Hotels and Resorts, where I stayed in Mauritius. This beach is particularly lovely because it’s on a lagoon, where the water is completely calm.

2) The hotels in Mauritius are beautiful.


The lobby at Le Prince Maurice.

3) The sunrises in Mauritius are beautiful.


Sunrise from Belle Mare Plage, the other Constance property where I stayed. The sunrise was like this every morning.

4) The sunsets in Mauritius are beautiful.


Pretty stunning. Although from where I was on the east side of the island, the sunrises definitely surpassed the sunsets.

5) The flowers in Mauritius are beautiful.


Hibiscus blossoms floating in a fountain at Le Prince Maurice. Hibiscus are everywhere in Mauritius, along with frangipani.

PS: Because of all the flowers, everything in Mauritius smells beautiful.

6) The birds in Mauritius are beautiful.


I lured this bird to my Prince Maurice balcony with room service. It’s called a red fody.

7) The food in Mauritius is beautiful. It tastes great, too.


Lunch at La Kaze restaurant, on the beach at Belle Mare Plage.

8) The markets in Mauritius are beautiful.


A woman shopping in the Centre de Flacq Market on a Sunday morning. I have many more beautiful photos from this market.

9) The dogs in Mauritius are beautiful.

Belle Mare dog

I never got her name.

10) The people in Mauritius are beautiful (in looks and in spirit).


Yash (left) and Mala (right), a mother and son who run a market stall at Centre de Flacq.

PS: Mauritian people speak French and they also speak English with French accents. So everything in Mauritius sounds beautiful.

More Mauritius beauty to come in future posts.

My trip to Mauritius was provided courtesy of Constance Hotels and Resorts and The Holiday Factory. Opinions expressed are my own.


  1. Sine

    I’ll have to agree with that. For our family, the most beautiful sights of all in Mauritius may well have been the rows and rows of glasses of chocolate mousse lined up on the (vast) dessert table at LeTouessrok hotel every night. Even though our family would routinely eat close to 20 of them after each dinner, there would always be more and more and more, and oh it was so GOOD!

    • 2summers

      The food was freaking incredible.

  2. pareddownlife

    Hi Heather:

    Do you work as a freelance travel writer? I am a longtime reader of your blog and really enjoy it but can’t remember what you’ve told us in the past about these travel assignments.

    Going to SA in December and as always, I’m excited!

    • 2summers

      Yes, I am a travel writer/photographer and do ad-hoc articles for various websites and magazines. I also do other kinds of freelance writing and blogging and photography jobs. It’s a mix, really, but I usually get invited to participate in press trips like this on the basis of my blog.

  3. Rekha Rajan

    wow…this place definitely looks swell. I can definitely plan this in. How much does one end up spending for a 5-day trip to Mauritius?

    • 2summers

      Hi there. That’s a really difficult question to answer. Budgets vary widely depending on how you plan your trip and where you stay. The places I stayed were very high-end but there is also more affordable accommodation available.

  4. Lani

    Hahahhaa. Okay, it’s beautiful. That bird shot – wow.

  5. Eugenia A Parrish

    I had a penpal from Mauritius when I was around 12 yrs old. I’ve dreamed of it ever since. Now you’ve made it come alive!

    • 2summers

      Wow, that’s an interesting place to have a pen pal from!

  6. Rebecca

    Yes, beautiful indeed!



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