A Golden Elephant in the City of Gold

by | Oct 11, 2015 | Arts and Culture, Johannesburg | 4 comments

I love to travel. But I love my life in Joburg and I miss it when I’m away. I also love blogging about Joburg, and I get antsy when travel blogging takes over and I run out of time for Jozi blogging. I spent the whole last week catching up on blogging about my previous trip, and now I’m about to leave on the next one.

I did manage to get out to a couple of cool Jozi events during my precious week at home, the biggest of which was the City of Gold Urban Art Festival. (See my post about last year’s City of Gold.) I’m not terribly happy with my photos and haven’t had time to properly go through them anyway, but here is one that I like.


A golden elephant, painted by Cape Town graffiti artist Falko1. Look carefully to see the story that this mural tells. Check out this piece and several other amazing graffiti creations around Bjala Square in Jeppestown.

That’s all I have time for at the moment. I need to get into a taxi in ten minutes and I’m not finished packing yet. (Please excuse any typos — no time to proofread.) Hopefully I’ll have time for another Jozi snatch between my next two trips.


  1. Timmee

    Safe journey! ??

  2. Gail

    Have a great time, don’t get to close to the volcano.

  3. Clay

    Just found out about your blog


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