From the Melville Cat:

Dear Readers,

Heather often says that you are eager for news about me and wish that I would post more often. I must apologize but, to tell the truth, my life is not terribly eventful.

I eat, sleep, and walk laps around the swimming pool. (Cats do not swim.) I am not as young as I once was, and don’t get up to as many adventures as I did in my youth. I have little appetite for murdering birds these days, and prefer to sit quietly in the sun. I no longer fight with the other cats in the neighborhood, as I’ve realized it’s much easier to ignore them. No fighting means no injuries, which means no imprisonment inside the blasted Cone of Shame. This is good, both for me and my humans.

Smokey the Melville Cat closeupMy fighting days are in the past. I prefer not to risk my extraordinary good looks.

I also learned a valuable lesson last year when I briefly absconded — Heather insists I “ran away” although I maintain that I was just on holiday — from my Melville domain. The holiday didn’t work out as I planned, and it was far more trouble than it was worth. It was nice to see a bit of the world for once, but now I know that it’s better to be bored than miserably hungry and lost.

Smokey the Melville Cat belly-up in the sunSeeing the world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I prefer to lie belly-up in the sun on the warm tiles of my Melville lounge.

So, I have little of significance to share with you. But here are a few mundane updates:

Two Holidays for the Melville Cat

I have taken two more holidays — planned holidays, which do not involve misery, cold, or hunger — at the lovely Cattery on the Hill. I now visit the Cattery whenever Heather and Ray are on trips/holidays of their own, and I love it there. Kobus, Caryn, and Gloria take wonderful care of me and they always reserve their finest chalet for my visits.

Smokey the Melville Cat at Cattery on the HillEnjoying my private, heated chalet at the Cattery on the Hill.

Smokey the Melville Cat at Cattery on the HillI spend most of my time on the terrace.

My Recent Illness

Earlier this week, I was ill. I felt achy and lethargic and refused to drink my morning milk or roll around in the catnip that Ray gives me every day. I felt feverishly hot and slept outside in the garden, despite the brisk autumn chill.

Smokey the Melville Cat sleeping strangely

A photo of me in Heather’s office, just before I became ill.

Heather took me to that place called the veterinarian, which I normally detest but was quite happy to visit this time since I felt so dreadful. The lovely veterinarian lady took my temperature (in a very undignified place) and informed me that I had a fever. She gave me an injection and squirted some medicine into my mouth, which wasn’t very pleasant but made me feel better immediately. Today, one day after my veterinarian visit, I am completely myself again.

Smokey the Melville Cat outsideI am so happy and healthy now. It makes me laugh.

It occurs to me that I should tell you who my veterinarian is. I attend the Richmond Veterinary Clinic, which is just next to Melville, and my veterinarian is Charmaine. Charmaine is a wonderful lady and I recommend her to all the cats (and dogs) in Joburg. The clinic’s phone number is 011-726-6323.

Life With Ray

Lastly, I am pleased to report a great strengthening in my relationship with Ray, my second human servant. I confess that I have made life difficult for Ray in the past. This is not easy for me to talk about, but I struggled to concede that I am no longer the only man in Heather’s life, and sometimes behaved intentionally in a way that I knew would hurt Ray’s feelings. However, I have recently learned to fully accept Ray, mainly because he is the only person in the house who feeds me chicken and catnip. As I cannot live without those delicacies, I’ve decided that Ray may stay.

(Alright, I admit that it’s not just the chicken and catnip. Despite my efforts to resist Ray’s charms, I like him very much. Okay I love him. There. I said it.)

Smokey the Melville Cat relaxingYou can stay, Ray, and I’ll stay as well. But don’t get too comfortable.

That is all for now. All the best from your favorite feline blogger,


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