A few weeks ago I organized an Internations coffee gathering at Industry Bakery in Emmarentia. I had been to Industry briefly once before, but didn’t sit down to eat. This time I ordered a couple of coffees and a full breakfast, so I thought I’d give the place a quick review in 400 words or less.

Inside Industry BakeryInside Industry Bakery.

Before this recent visit I already knew that Industry has a pleasant atmosphere (I love the industrial feel of the interior) and good coffee. But I was surprised by the interesting breakfast menu. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photo of the menu and now I can’t find it online, so I don’t know the exact description of what I ate. But it was innovative and tasty.

Industry Bakery breakfast wrap with eggI wish I could remember exactly what this breakfast dish is called. It was a burrito-like wrap, which tasted sort of like a thin crumpet, with a spicy egg mixture inside. 

Industry Bakery chocolate pancakesThe man sitting next to me ordered these beautiful chocolate flapjacks, which contain no sugar and are therefore “Banting-friendly”. I didn’t try them. The man said they were good but could do with a little Banting-unfriendly sweetener. Either way, I love the look and would probably order them solely based on their Instagrammability.

Industry bakery cappucinoAn Industry cappuccino. I believe Industry gets its beans from Bean There Coffee Company.

Industry Bakery tableBaked goods for sale at Industry.

Industry Bakery challah breadThis challah bread looked delicious but for some crazy reason I didn’t buy any. I’ll give the baked goods a try next time.

My Take on Industry Bakery

Quick takeaway from my Industry visit: Great coffee, innovative menu, convenient location (right off Barry Hertzog in the quirky shopping center with Wimpy and District Six restaurant), hip and comfortable atmosphere. Also, Industry is certified halal — a bonus in a community with a large concentration of Muslim residents.

Inside Industry BakeryOur Internations group at Industry Bakery.

I like it there and I’ll go back. If I’d known about Industry last year when I wrote my “Best Breakfasts in the Jozi ‘Burbs” post, I might have included it.

More 400-word quickie restaurant reviews coming soon.

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