Do you live in Johannesburg? Do you have a garden, or know someone who does? Do you have R400 to spend? If so, then you need this:

Hadeda planter at Yada YadaHadeda tire planter from Yada Yada in Melville.

If you don’t live in Joburg and don’t know what a hadeda is, read here. But these hadedas are not easily transportable, so unless you already live in Joburg (or at least in South Africa) then you probably can’t have one.

If you do live in Joburg, then make your way to Melville’s 7th Street and buy a hadeda. They’re made of recycled materials, they have a built-in irrigation system, and they can double as large hand-bags.

Ray and hadeda planterRay photobombs Hadeda. Ray carried Hadeda as a handbag for a while after we bought her.

untitled-5513Hadeda in another position at Yada Yada. We did a whole photoshoot with her.
 Owl tire planter from Yada YadaIf you’re not into hadedas (some people aren’t, although I’ve never understood those people) then you can also buy an owl.

Best of all, Hadeda looks fabulous in our garden (as I’m sure she would in every South African garden) and she makes me happy every time I look at her, which is at least 50 times a day.

Hadeda planter in my gardenThe red petunias match Hadeda’s beak. 

The Melville Cat likes Hadeda.

The Melville Cat looks down on the garden from the roof.The Melville Cat looks down on us from the roof as we hang Hadeda. I think he likes her — don’t you agree?

I love Hadeda. That is all.

Yada Yada is on 7th Street in Melville, between 3rd Avenue and 4th Avenue. The man who makes the hadedas likes to take his time so be sure to allow a few weeks for your order to be processed.

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