I’m not usually one to toot my own horn. But I’m a good blogger.

(I’m not usually one to start my blog posts with clichés like “toot my own horn”, either. But I’m trying to be outrageous here.)

Heather blogI’ve got 99 problems. But blogging ain’t one.

Anyway. There are many things I don’t know how to do. I can’t bake a soufflé, for instance, and I can’t change the oil in my car. I can’t knit or do back handsprings. But damn, can I blog. Give me a camera, a laptop, and some interesting subject matter and I will blog until the cows come home. (There it is — another cliché. Outrage.)

Cows in the MidlandsI will blog until these cows are safely home.

When Griffin from Bridge Books asked me to host a one-day blogging and social media course at his rad bookshop in downtown Joburg, I couldn’t think of any reason to say no. Although I kinda wanted to, because the idea of standing in front of a room full of people (okay, it will only be about 10 people, but still) and teaching them stuff is terrifying. But again, I know how to blog and there are lots of people out there who also want to know how to blog. I’m happy to teach them what I know. So I told Griffin yes.

The course will run from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on Saturday 30 July. There are only a few spots, so sign up now if you’re interested.

Become a (Better) Blogger

If you want to start a blog, and/or if you already have a blog but want to improve it, and/or you want to strengthen your social media skills, and/or you want to get better at photography, and/or you’re just curious about how I manage to live such a seemingly interesting life (hint: it’s not always as interesting as it seems), then this course is for you.

Heather blogging course Facebook
Read more here, and sign up here
. (Photo by Tim Van Rooyen)

I will cover all of the topics listed above, plus some. If you haven’t started a blog already, I’ll help you start one, and if you already have a blog, I’ll help you to make it better. It will be a small group so I’ll have time for everyone. We will also take a brief photowalk through the inner city, during which we’ll get access to some interesting Jozi buildings and I’ll dispense photography tips.

The class will take place at Bridge Books and there couldn’t be a better venue for learning about blogging, or learning about anything, for that matter. You’ll have the chance to browse the bookshop, check out the beautiful historic space around the shop, and also get a sneak peak at the City Central Food Court, which is set to open on 1 August. (By the way, Bridge Books will be offering lots more courses like this in the future, so keep an eye on their Facebook page.)

Bridge Books and author
Beautiful Bridge Books. It would be awesome if this man could come to my course. If you see this post, Unathi, please know that you’re invited.

Perhaps most exciting of all, we’ll take a lunch-time field trip to nearby Joziburg Lane (shooting street photos along the way), where we will attend the Joziburg Lane Festival and learn one of the most important blogging skills: how to eat and Instagram at the same time. I’m working on some other fun Jozi surprises, too.

Lastly, I’ll provide a free, 30-minute blogger consulting session to everyone who signs up. I’ll conduct these one-on-one sessions in the weeks following the course, to cover any specific questions you might have about blogging and social media.

So, please sign up for the course. It will be awesome. Message me with any questions. In the meantime, happy blogging and be sparing with your clichés.

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