Magoebaskloof, a mountainous region in South Africa’s Limpopo Province between Polokwane and Tzaneen, is referred to on its tourism website as “the Land of the Silver Mist”. It didn’t take me long to figure out why.

Man flyfishing in Stanford LakeFly-fishing at sunrise on Magoebaskloof’s misty Stanford Lake.

I arrived in Magoebaskloof on Friday afternoon with a bunch of Instagrammers, on a mission to visit as many interesting places as possible in less than 48 hours. On our first morning we rose at the crack of dawn (actually before the crack) and walked down to Stanford Lake, where a magical, misty dreamworld unfolded before us.

Stanford Lake and lily pads in the mistReflections and lily pads on the glassy lake, just before sunrise.

I’ve got hundreds of Magoebaskloof photos, and I’m actually still here (I decided 48 hours wasn’t enough) and accumulating more and more. But for now I’m just posting my favorite pictures from that first morning.

Morning Mist in Magoebaskloof

Fly-fishing is the most beautiful thing in the world to photograph on a misty morning. Who knew?

Young kid flyfishing on deckA teenage boy fly-fishing. 

Young boy flyfishingI don’t think he caught any fish. But really, who cares?

Lake and mist and treesMist, reflections, and a hint of sun.

Older kid flyfishingMore fly-fishing. I’m glad I wasn’t the one in that freezing water. But it sure was fun to photograph from the shore.

Flyfisherman and perfect reflection on Stanford LakePeaceful perfection.

Forest in the morningAs the fly-fishing wound down, I walked up into the pine forest.

Asma in pine forestAsma (@_asma_b), one of the Instagrammers I was hanging out with over the weekend.

Samantha and Hunter hiking in MagoebaskloofSamantha (right) and her daughter Hunter (left), local Magoebaskloof residents enjoying a walk through the foggy forest. The light got better and better as the sun grew stronger.

Waterfall Ebenezer DamFinally I walked over to Ebenezer Dam, which is connected to Stanford Lake via a waterfall. 

Ebenezer Dam waterfallAnother view of the waterfall, still surrounded by mist even though it was well after sunrise.

Zain and Soraya at Ebenezer DamZain (@zaindee) and Soraya (@sueno_adventures) compare photos of the dam.

I think these are my favorite nature shots I’ve ever taken. But my trip to Magoesbaskloof isn’t over yet and I’ve got a few more adventures planned before I return to Joburg. Prepare for a lot more beauty.

My accommodation in Magoebaskloof is courtesy of Magoebaskloof Tourism. Opinions expressed are mine. For more photos from our weekend (and the rest of my time in Magoebaskloof), check out #visitmagoebaskloof on Instagram.

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