2Summers Reporting From Washington: A Trumpkin Halloween

by | Oct 27, 2016 | USA | 11 comments

I’m in the United States just in time for Halloween, and also for the peak of American presidential election madness. (Don’t worry, I’ve already voted. I dropped my absentee ballot safely into a U.S. Postal Service box last Saturday.) It’s quite a circus. I’ve been watching CNN for the past hour and other than commercials, there hasn’t been a single second of anything other than Donald Trump coverage.

When my dad called this morning and told me Donald Trump was appearing at his new Trump International Hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington D.C., I grabbed my camera bag and hopped on the Metro. I wanted to see some Trumpkins — the term Dad uses for crazy Trump supporters — with my own eyes.

Trump International HotelTrump’s new hotel is in the historic Old Post Office building, which used to house an eatery where I ate lunch back in the day when I worked in this neighborhood.

Ben Franklin in front of Old Post OfficeBen Franklin, America’s first Postmaster General.

Trumpkin ladyA Trumpkin from Manassas, Virginia. The sign in her right hand reads “Dogs for Trump”.

Americans for TrumpThe Trumpkins in attendance were mainly ladies.

Maryland for TrumpSorry lady, I don’t think Maryland is for Trump.

Lady for TrumpThis lady frightened me the most because she seemed really normal.

There were some male Trumpkins too. They were angry.

Angry man To be fair, this man is a homeless veteran and he has every right to be angry. And I’m not totally sure he’s a Trumpkin.

Angry anti-gay manThis man’s shirt reads “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Morals are Worse than Animals. Proof: The National Zoo”. I’m not sure why anyone would try to debate with a person like this. No surprise, the debate was going nowhere.

In actuality there were very few Trumpkins at this event. Most of the characters on the scene were anti-Trumpkins, picketing in front of the hotel waving signs and chanting “Don-ald Trump, rich and rude, we don’t like your at-ti-tude!”

Protesters in front of Trump hotelThe scene in front of the hotel.

anti-TrumpkinsPink Doc Martens and a paper maché Trumpkin head.

Paper mache Trump and pig snoutDon’t ask me what’s happening here.
 Arrest the GroperArrest the Groper.

For the record, she does not look very nasty. 

I never saw Trump himself. But I had a good time anyway.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a say in this election, get out and vote. And don’t forget to carve your Trumpkin in time for Halloween.

Pig manIt was a pleasure, Pig Man.


  1. autumnashbough

    I was so bummed when I heard Trump had bought the Old Post Office Pavilion. I used to watch the postage stamp drop on NYE there!

    Luckily, the election will be over soon and in a year he’ll be in debt and indicted, a pathetic has-been.

    • 2summers

      I know, it’s sad.

      I’m losing my mind watching constant election coverage at my dad’s house. I don’t know how people stand it.

  2. Kate

    It really blows my mind that there are female Trump supporters. I’ll be turning in my e-vote from here…..

    • 2summers

      I wish all states would allow email voting. My friend from Wisconsin isn’t going to be able to vote now because they just sent her ballot and there isn’t enough time to mail it back.

      • Kate

        I’m surprised:1) that not all states do email ballots 2) my little ol’ home state of SC is one of the ones that does! When did your friend mail her absentee registration form in?

    • 2summers

      Of course!

  3. thirdeyemom

    Love love love this post! Trump is an absolute nightmare and the fact that so many people still support him after it all has really made my stomach sick with sadness. It opened my eyes to what a messed up place this country is. ????

    • 2summers

      Yea, I know what you mean. I’m glad I’ve been living overseas for most it it 🙂

      • thirdeyemom

        You are lucky! I am very very disturbed by what is happening here in our country. SO much hate.

  4. Sine

    LOL – some of the best I’ve read about the election yet!


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