A New and Improved 2Summers Blog Course

by | Jun 20, 2017 | Johannesburg | 3 comments

I taught two one-day blogging courses last year, and they went really well. We met at Bridge Books, learned about blogging and social media, and photowalked around downtown Joburg. Everyone seemed to have fun and leave the course with fresh inspiration.

November 2016 blog courseMy November 2016 blog class in front my favorite downtown mural by Faith47.

But this time I want to do more.

Learning to blog is not a simple, step-by-step process. Every blogger wants something different from his or her blog and the people who attend my class tend to show up at various points in their blogging journeys. Some have established blogs already and are looking for pointers to spruce things up. Others have only a vague notion of starting a blog. Some plan to blog about food; others about women’s rights. Some want to start a new business while others just want a new hobby.

I started to think about a way to structure my course so that every blogger or potential blogger, no matter where they are on the spectrum, can come away with a clear plan of action. The new and improved 2Summers blog course was born.

The Next 2Summers Blog Course: August 2017

My next blog course, coming up in August 2017, will include most of the same things that my previous courses included: a small, intimate group, lots advice on starting and maintaining a blog, tips on building an audience, social media, photography.

But there will be one major difference: the course will take place over two consecutive Saturdays, rather than one. The first Saturday, 5 August, will be a full day with plenty of time for Q&A, group discussion, and an extended photowalk to an exciting downtown destination. On the second Saturday, 12 August, each participant will return for a 45-60 minute one-on-one session. During that session I’ll work with each person on his or her specific blogging needs, whether that be starting a new blog from scratch or working on more advanced topics like blog design, social media, or photography.

Extending the one-on-one sessions and moving them to a different day will create more time for discussion within the group, when course participants can bounce ideas off one another (and me) and share inspiration. The week in between will give each participant time to consider specific questions and goals before returning for the one-on-one.

I’m also excited to announce the first Saturday will include a guest appearance by blogging businesswoman Kate Els of indikate.net and MediaRight. In addition to being a great blogger and photographer, Kate has recently launched her own media company and works with some of South Africa’s biggest brands. As someone who struggles with the business side of blogging myself, I’m looking forward to Kate’s talk and the added perspective she’ll provide to the course.

Kate Els with pink hairMy favorite picture of Kate, shot a couple of years ago when she rocked a pink bob.

The course costs R1800 and is limited to 10 participants. We’ll meet at Bridge Books‘ beautiful Commissioner Street venue and lunch will be provided on the first Saturday. The group will meet from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on 4 August, then each participant will receive a separate one-on-one meeting slot for 12 August.

To finish things off, here is a quote from Penny Castle, one of my rock-star participants from last year. Penny writes a fantastic blog called My Garden Crush — mostly about gardening but also about family and cancer and life — which I highly recommend.

“At the end of Heather’s blogging course I, literally, ran out. I couldn’t wait to get home and begin working on my blog. Heather shared all the how-to information that you’d expect from a blogging course but what really excited me was the way she was able to bring her insight into what would make my blog appealing both for me as writer and potential readers. “

As of today (20 June), there are eight spots left. [UPDATE: six spots left as of 17 July.) Sign up here.


  1. Eva Melusine Thieme

    I’m so glad you are doing this. (which is also part of taking care of the business end:-) I regret I’m no longer in South Africa, or I might have taken my blog on a similar course. Great to see you do so many different things not only to educate the world about Johannesburg and beyond, but to pass on the blogging torch!

  2. Rebecca

    So awesome! You should think about an online course too 🙂

  3. Nicole MC

    Hi i am signed up (very excited) but will need to leave around 11am on the first Sat, as driving to Lesotho. However if I will miss too much, i am happy to give the next person who signs up my ticket for free. Let me know what you think, Nikki.


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