UPDATE #1: This walk sold out very quickly, so we have scheduled a second #WalkMyCity trek for 11 November. Sign up here. Do it now to avoid disappointment, as the walk is once again limited to 25 participants.

UPDATE #2: Meruschka, my walking partner, had to fly to Atlanta yesterday for a last-minute trip to Afropunk. (Lucky Meruschka!) So she will not be at tomorrow’s walk but she will be at the walk on 11 November.

UPDATE #3: Readers of this blog can receive a 20% discount when shopping at hi-tec.co.za. Use this code while shopping: WMCJHB20. 

I have exciting news for the Joburgers among you. My friend Meruschka (aka Mzansigirl) and I are hosting a cultural instawalk through Joburg called #WalkMyCity. The walk is on Saturday 14 October from 10:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., starting and ending at Hangout Jozi in One Eloff Street. It’s sponsored by Hi-Tec and we’ll have some cool Hi-Tec prizes to give away.

We will be visiting all kinds of rad, secret places around the city — music stores, clothing stores, art studios, secret rooftops, bookshops, coffee shops, and anything else we discover along the way. If you love Joburg you should really come. The walk is limited to 25 people and you have to sign up online.

Meruschka and Heather #WalkMyCity
Meruschka and I at Hangout Jozi, where the walk will begin and end. (Photo: Gilda Swanepoel)

I don’t mean to brag (okay maybe I do), but Meruschka and I know this city pretty well. We did a scouting mission a couple of weeks ago and had so much fun introducing each other to our favorite little corners around the Joburg CBD. I can’t wait for the actual day.

Here are a few pictures to give you a hint of what we’ll be up to — I’m keeping my captions minimal to increase the suspense.

#WalkMyCity Scouting Mission

Muti shop on Eloff Street, visited during the WalkMyCity scouting missionA muti (traditional medicine) shop on Eloff Street.

Muti powdersColorful muti powders.

African music shopA secret music shop. (Photo: Meruschka)

Papy Nakuw of Urban ZuluPapy Nakuw of the locally famous Urban Zulu brand.

Heather self-portraitSelf-portrait.

Pulse in the cityHigh fashion.

Benjamin WoollensMr. Benjamin, founder of the legendary fabric shop Benjamin Woollens.

Corner House coffee shopOne of my favorite downtown coffeeshops.

So as I said, the walk will begin at Hangout Jozi in One Eloff Street at 10:00 a.m. There is parking on the top level of the building and it’s also easily Uber-able. We’re charging R70 per person for the walk, which includes a coffee and snack along the way, and we’re capping the number of attendees at 25 to keep things intimate. Everyone is invited to join us for lunch at Hangout Jozi (at your own expense).

Sign up here.

This post was commissioned by Hi-Tec. Opinions expressed are mine.

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