#Gauteng52, Week 43: African Flavour Books

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Welcome to Week 43 of my #Gauteng52 challenge, for which I visit and blog about a new place in Gauteng Province every week for 52 straight weeks. This week I visit African Flavour Books, with locations in Vanderbijlpark and Braamfontein.

UPDATE (2020): African Flavour Books’ Braamfontein shop has closed, and the owners have been accused of serious misconduct. Learn more here.

Word of new local bookstores travels fast in Johannesburg. I started hearing about African Flavour Books, which sells primarily African literature with a hint of African-American mixed in, the moment they opened their shop in Braamfontein.

I visited the new Braamfontein shop for the first time a couple of weeks ago and scored a copy of Lauren Beukes’ Moxyland for the rock-bottom sale price of R80. (That’s about $5.75 for a brand-new paperback!) The shop is bright and cheerful, with a fantastic selection of books and an adorable section for kids to sit and read. I fell in love instantly.

African Flavour Books in BraamfonteinThe new African Flavour shop in Braamfontein, right across from the Once in Joburg Hotel.

Books at African Flavour Braamfontein

More books at African Flavour BraamfonteinMore books.

Kids reading at African FlavourCute kids reading books.

Kid reading at African Flavour BraamfonteinYou get the idea.

The Story of African Flavour Books

As I was making my purchase I fell into conversation with Fortiscue (aka Fort) Helepi, the owner, and learned that while the Braamfontein shop just opened, African Flavour itself is not new. Fort and his wife, Nokuthula (aka Eve), actually started their business a few years ago when they opened the first African Flavour shop in Vanderbijlpark.

As soon as those words came out of Fort’s mouth, I started planning my journey. Marie-Lais and I trekked to Vanderbijlpark a few days later.

Vanderbijlpark (don’t ask me to pronounce it aloud) is in the Vaal, about an hour south of Joburg, in a part of Gauteng that Americans would refer to as “the boonies”. It’s certainly not the first place one would expect to find an independently owned, all-African bookshop.

But Fort and Eve are from the Vaal and they had a dream to encourage a love of books and reading in their own community. So they opened their store in a nondescript shopping center in Vanderbijlpark and refused to listen to their landlord when he predicted they would close down within six months.

The landlord was wrong. In fact, African Flavour in the Vaal became so popular, so quickly, that people started traveling there from Joburg to buy books. Within a few years, the Helepis were doing well enough to open their second shop in Braamfontein. The couple quit their day jobs (Fort used to be an engineer) and now pursue book-selling full time.

Fort at African Flavour in the VaalFort outside the shop in the Vaal.

Fort describes the Vaal shop as more of a “beginner” store than the Braamfontein shop, with more books available for new readers. There are more school books, business books, and nonfiction in the Vaal, compared with a larger selection of literary fiction in Braamfontein. The Vaal shop also has a selection of local music and films, a larger children’s section, and a special spot called “Eve’s Corner” with all of Eve’s personal recommendations.

Books at African Flavour in the VaalA mix of business, self-help, and religious books in the Vaal.  

Children's section at African FlavourThe children’s section.

Nelson Mandela children's bookNelson Mandela in Afrikaans.

Shopping in the business sectionBrowsing the business section.

African literature booksClassic African literature.

Eve's Corner at African Flavour
Eve’s Corner. I appreciate that Eve reads about the Kardashians along with the A to Z of Amazing South African women.

I love everything about this story. Also, books aren’t dead. Please support these beautiful bookstores and the beautiful people who own them.

Fortiscue Help of African Flavour Books

African Flavour’s Vaal store is at Shop 16, Vaal Walk Shopping Centre, Corner DF Malan & F W Beyers Street, Vanderbijlpark. African Flavour’s Joburg store is at 20 Melle Street, Braamfontein. Call +27-16-931-0068 (Vanderbijlpark) or +27-86-538-2548 (Braamfontein).

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  1. davidjbristow

    What a lekker story. An African book store run by what appear to lekker Africans. My mother grew up in Vanderbylpark, and I’m so glad she left. I must see if they will stock my very African book, Running Wild.

    • 2summers

      They are very lekker indeed.

  2. autumnashbough

    HA! Go, bookstores! There’s a whole GOP move in the US to get rid of libraries now, which is misguided and enraging.

    There’s no war on Christmas, but there’s sure a war on books and education.

    • 2summers

      Libraries, really? Why?!

      • autumnashbough

        Because there should be no government money spent on anything but subsidies to corporations.

  3. Margaret Urban

    Maybe, just maybe, the thing about libraries is that they allow people to access stories and ideas and, thus, think for themselves …


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