It’s time for the second installment of my 2018 Restaurant of the Month series. This month I’m featuring the Impi Brewing Co. in Lorentzville.

I almost hesitate to call Impi a restaurant, as it’s really more of a hangout. But Impi has such a cool atmosphere, in such an interesting Joburg location, that I feel compelled to include it in this series.

Outside Impi Brewing Co.Outside Impi Brewing Co. Impi means “war” in Zulu.

Impi is in the new Victoria Yards complex, in the tiny suburb of Lorentzville, which is between Bertrams and Troyeville. My friend Gail just wrote an interesting post about Lorentzville, which I recommend. Lorentzville is also home to the legendary Fama Deli.

The first cool thing about Impi is it’s in Victoria Yards, this sprawling warren of artists’ studios and gardens and galleries and workshops that just opened a few months ago. (I briefly mentioned Victoria Yards in a post last month.) The second cool thing is the decor: It’s a tiny place filled with an eclectic mix of Zulu art/artifacts, modern industrial furnishings, and quirky antiques.

Inside Impi Brewing CoInside Impi Brewing Co. with owners Nico (left) and Tsietsi (right), and bartender Kgomotso (middle). I love the headdresses on the wall behind them.

The third cool thing about Impi is its simplicity: It serves pizza, beer, and a selection of drinks.

Impi menu
The pleasantly simple menu.

Lunch at Impi Brewing Co.

I had lunch at Impi on a Friday afternoon. I ordered my drink: an Impi Homestead lager. (Impi also produces a pilsner.) I chose my pizza toppings: pepperoni, peppadews, and chili. (Choosing your own pizza toppings is a novelty in South Africa, as most pizza places sell ready-designed combos.) That was it — simple and delicious.

Pizza from ImpiPizza and beer.

Impi pizzasPizza from above.

I’m definitely no beer critic but I found the Impi lager smooth and tasty. I really liked the pizza too — just the right thickness and distribution of cheese, and choosing my own toppings was a fun change of pace.

My only complaint was the slightly long wait for food. My pizza and Fiver’s came quickly, but then another friend showed up a few minutes later and waited well over 30 minutes for her pizza. I’ll chalk this up to growing pains.

I love the vibe at Impi and I’m sure I’ll return again and again — every time I find an excuse to go to Victoria Yards.

Impi beer
Impi Brewing Company is on Viljoen Street in Victoria Yards (secure parking on the premises). Open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily. Call +27-66-207-1895.

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